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Country Technology Profiles

Links to relevant agricultural and technical data, projects and articles particular to individual countries


Science consortium established to rebuild Afghanistan's agriculture
Future Harvest, USA, January 2003

Afghanistan Draft Reconstruction Vision
Slide show stressing sustainable development & appropriate technology, Special Committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Sustainable livelihoods; Assistance Strategies
Assistance Afghanistan 2001 project details. No longer updated, see AIMS above.

SERVE Solar project
Assistance Afghanistan 1999 Project to promote solar technology in Afghanistan. No longer updated – see AIMS

The Railways of Afghanistan
History & current state of Afghan rail transport, with links



Farming changes their lot, Daily Star, Dhaka, February 05, 2004.
Graduating from a local college, Zakir Hossain started hybrid tomato cultivation. He is now a proud and rich farmer and dreams of creating jobs for others in agro-based small industries.

A Cagey Concern - Bangladesh
Report on CAR-supported fisheries project with emphasis on the appropriate cage technology involved, TVE/ITDG (UK)

Renewable Energy in Bangladesh, 2001
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

ITDG Bangladesh
Itermediate Technology Development Group (UK) regional website with comprehensive information on activities, publications, research, news and events. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Demonstration of integrated livestock-biogas-duckweed (DW) production
UNDP-supported small scale fisheries & waste-water treatment scheme, Bangladesh

Freshwater Technology
UNEP summary of traditional rainwater harvesting technologies in Bangladesh

Safe Saris - Bangladesh
Filtering out waterborne disease organisms using textiles. TVE/ITDG, UK



Development of essentail oils industry (project TI06)
Establishment of appropriate distillation technology with emphasis on Lemon Grass

Punakha & Wangdhou farmers benefit from German project
Sustainable natural resource management in Bhutan

Renewable Energy in Bhutan
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Bridge construction in Bhutan
Project between Road Bridge Unit, Bhutan & Helvetas (Switzerland)



Turning farmers into brokers, Deccan Herald, February 02, 2004
To expect poor and marginal farmers to go online and trade seems to be a wild imagination of a stockbroker.

Appropriate technology & co-operative culture in Ladakh
Impact of modernity on a society run on sustainable principles

Appropriate Technology at demonstration farm, Pune, India
Agricultural project supported by the Institute of Cultural Affaires (ICA), Japan

Global gardening
Indian village project based on principles of Square Foot Gardening (USA)

India-Egypt Agricultural Exchange
Small-scale milk production, Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Japan

Back to the Future - India
Report on appropriate building of health centres in India, TVE/ITDG (UK)

Experimental Sustainable Township
Site of city on the principles of Sri Aurobindo, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

India's Energy Outlook
Strategic profile, Centre for Strategic & International Studues (CSIS), USA

East India Vyapaar, Renewable Energy
Renewable energy information site of a portal covering five east Indian states, West Bengal. Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam

Non-Conventional Energy Source
Sector report on renewable energies. India Infoline

Renewable Energy in India, 2001
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

India Solar Thermal power project
Scheme to demonstrate the operational viability of parabolic trough solar thermal power generation, World Bank 2002

Wind energy development incentives in India, USA, Germany & Denmark
Comparative study on effect of incentives on expansion of windpower capacity, Energy Information Administration, USA, 1997

A Comparative study of issues related to road infrastructure planning in emerging Economies Comparison between India, China & US transportation capabilities with reference to the objectives of the Indian Task force on roads, Dept. Of Civil Engineering, University of Texas, USA

Transportation statistics
Information on modes of transport etc. in selected indian cities

Freshwater Technology
Summary of traditional rainwater harvesting technologies in India, UNEP

Sewage & Sunshine - India
Report on the Integrated Wetlands Systems (IWS) projects, TVE/ITDG (UK)


Rats, bats & traps
Indigenous methods of vertebrate pest control in the Maldives, ILEA, USA

Housing Characteristics & Conditions
Analytical report on housing, Census 2000, Government of the Maldives

Infrastructure of the Maldives
Statistics on transport, telecommunications & power, SAARC

Renewable energy in the Maldives, 2001
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Wave Power project
Electricity generation via wave power in collaboration with Sea Power International, Sweden

Outer Islands Electrification project
Project to establish, among others, renewable energy facilities. Asian Development bank (ADB), Philippines

Seawater desalination in the Maldives
Energy efficient diesel powered system



Agricultural Scenario: Nepal
Outline, statistics & addresses, SAARC

Accham Livelihoods Security project
CARE project to improve nutrition by diversifying farm production in Nepal

Jajarkot Permaculture Program (JPP)
Appropriate agriculture project , Danish Association for International Cooperation (MS)

Land and Agriculture, 2001- PDF
Review of National strategy for sustainable development submitted to the World Conservation Union

Nepal: Women in Agriculture
Report, Sustainable Development Dept. (SD), FAO

National Fertilizer Policy (NAFP)
Plan for plant nutrient management programme, Ministry of Agriculture, Nepal

NepalNet: Agriculture
Articles on agricultural matters, Network for Sustainable Development in Nepal

Nepal Permaculture Consultancy Evaluation Report, 2001
Assessment of current agricultural practices & implications for appropriate agricultural strategy, Southern Cross Permaculture Institute, Australia

Nepal Building Code project
Construction guidelines and strategies for simple buildings, Earthquake Engineering New Zealand

Renewable Energy in Nepal, 2001
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Gender & Transport - Nepal
Case study, International Forum for Rural Transport & Development Workshop, World Bank, 1999

Freshwater Technology
Summary of traditional rainwater harvesting technologies in India, UNEP

Drinking Water Project, Nepal
Rural local initiative project, Helvetas (Switzerland)



Agricultural maps of Pakistan
Agro-ecological, aridity & crop maps, Pakistan Agricultural research Counci (PARC)

Building Energy Code of Pakistan, 1990- PDF
National Energy Conservation Centre, Pakistan

Renewable Energy in Pakistan, 2001
Extract, Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Rural Electrification in Pakistan
Presentation on current situation & sustainable options. MIT, USA

Commercialization of Biomass technology, Pakistan
Regional seminar. ESCAP, 2001

Solar Energy Businesses in Pakistan
Directory of manufacturers, retailers etc. of solar technology. With Links

Manufacturing Photovoltaic Solar Cell Module
Project, National Institute of Silicaon Technology (NIST), Pakistan

Assessment of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
Socio-economic impact of major road construction on local populations. ESCAP 1998

The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP)
Low cost community-designed sewerage project in a sqatter settlement. ESCAP, 1998

The Drain gang - Pakistan
Report on sanitation & drainage issues. TVE/ITDG (UK)

Waste Busters - Pakistan Report on appropriate waste management systems. TVE/ITDG (UK)



Sri Lanka

Small technologies bring big boons to Sri Lanka, Daily News, June 10, 2004
It is necessary that local government bodies work with NGOs such as ITDG and support the poor and empower them with a view to eradicating poverty. Introducing simple technologies and sharing knowledge with them will be the key to success.

Towards sustainable development in Mahaweli settlements through farmer participation
Working paper, introducing sustainable farming practices. ILEA, USA

Cashew processing in Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Short review of an agricultural project on drying technology. TVE/ITDG, UK

Timber not Termites - Sri Lanka
Report on low cost housing project. TVE/ITDG, UK

Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka, 2001
Extract, the Survey of Energy Resources, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Renewable Energy for Rural Development Project
Scheme to expand commercial provision of mini-hydro, wind & biomass energy resources. World Bank 2002

Shell asks consumers to save gas, Daily News, Colombo, January 2003
Conservation versus reducing price of oil in Sri Lanka

An Assessment of the small hydro potential in Sri Lanka
Survey. Resource Management (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sun shines on Sri Lanka's solar industry, Asia Times, August 2001
Small energy businesses still need multinationals



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