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SARID Technology Activities

Particulars of SARID's activities in the appropriate technology field.

Technology Projects
Technology papers, policy reports and articles
Technology Evaluations

SARID Technology Projects

Register of appropriate or intermediate technology projects implemented or supported by SARID.

• Calpentyn Wind : Affordable small wind energy/ housing in Sri Lanka

January 2003 - present

Contact person: Vinod Moonesinghe ( or Janaki Blum (

SARID is pioneering an effort to provide a remote peninsula in Sri Lanka with small-scale wind energy generation coupled to affordable housing as part of a plan for the conservation of coastal areas through sustainable development with popular participation.


Research Papers, Policy Reports, and Articles:

Analyses, proposed strategies and practical solutions for long range technology planning commensurate with sustainable regional development and environmental resource protection.

We invite interested parties to submit papers and articles on topics on or related to sustainable development to (see Submissions for guidelines).

SARID Technology Articles:

Rainwater Harvesting Technologies in Sri Lanka
By Vinod Moonesinghe, Environment Foundation Ltd., Sri Lanka, January 2004

The uninterrupted supply of water for domestic purposes in Sri Lanka has long been taken for granted. The water-supply infrastructure has not kept pace with needs and rainwater harvesting has not been promoted as in India, where urban authorities have amended their by-laws to facilitate it.

Housing Design for Hot Arid Regions
By Javed Sultan, Architect, USA, May 2003
Guidelines for the cost effective physical design of housing in hot, arid regions, based on the review of submitted housing plans from Mali.


Technology Evaluation

Links to analyses of appropriate and intermediate technology research, projects and products with regard to regional appropriateness and/or adaptability in order to match particular needs with available technologies.

Criteria for Good Practices
Guide for evaluating the success of a practice or technology in integrating environmental considerations into economic decision making processes. ESCAP Virtual Conference, 1998

Peer Review Committee
Guidelines for the assessment of technologies and processes based on applicability to other conditions. ESCAP Virtual Conference, 1998

Sustainable Groundwater irrigation Technology Management
Good Practice Principles of Technology Transfer in Bangladesh & Pakistan, DFID

Crop Diversication on Degraded Tealand
ESCAP Virtual Conference evaluation of a project to restore land fertility in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Organic Cultivation of Cashew Nuts
ESCAP Virtual Conference evaluation of a project to introduce organic farming methods

Watershed Management in Terraced Farming
ESCAP Virtual Conference evaluation of a project to introduce sustainable farming methods in Nepal

Biogas Plants
ESCAP Virtual Conference assessment of a project to use biogas to replace conventional fuels in Nepal

Water Technology Profiles
UNEP evaluation of small-scale water use schemes in selected South Asian countries


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