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February 22, 2005

Thiruvananthapuram; The Executive Vice-President of the Kerala
State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Dr A.E.
Muthunayagam, is working on an eco-friendly desalination system. He
announced this while addressing a technical session on water conservation
and management held as part of the 'Prithvi 2005' eco meet currently on in
the city.

The desalination system uses a solar-driven, low-pressure distillation
process. According to a concept note prepared by him, the desalination
plants can be set up on barges moored out at sea.

Warm water from the upper layers of the sea is pumped into a vaporiser at
low pressure, producing water vapour. The vapour so produced, is turned
into water by passing it through a condenser maintained at low pressure
using cold water taken from the depths of the ocean, says the note.

This technology has been successfully tested in the laboratory and is also
being tested in an experimental plant at the Tuticorin thermal power

This desalination system reportedly follows a simple configuration, adopts
proven technologies and designs and is practically maintenance free,
claims the concept paper. It is also environment-friendly as it does not
disturb the surrounding environment and uses solar energy, which is a
renewable energy source.

However, Dr Muthunayagam says that efforts are required to make this
desalination system a commercially viable process. Work on a pilot plant
that can produce around 0.2 million litres of water a day is also being
planned, he adds.




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