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SARID invites professionals and interested individuals from South Asia, and elsewhere, to send us their ideas, articles and publications. We will be happy to publish them on our website, so that we may all become informed, objective and critical decision makers.

SARID encourages you to email relevant web links or your ideas for op-eds, research papers and policy briefs on SARID’s focal interest areas:

1. Web links to web sites, articles, people, products etc. containing the title, the URL & a brief (preferably one line) description.

2. Op-ed style news commentary on a current topic in 750-800 words.

3. Research Paper – independent research work with endnotes and bibliography in 4000-6000 words*

4. Policy Brief – containing a clear recommendations for policy makers in 1500-1800 words*

We would appreciate an email synopsis in 2-4 paragraphs (200 words maximum) of your research/policy analysis before submitting the complete text.

Please send submissions as plain text in the body of an email – not as attachments - to sultanj@sarid.netwith the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. The email should also include author/sender’s name, current contact information and a brief bio.

Submission may not guarantee publication.

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