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Interfaith Dialogue

Actvities, Articles and links concerned with interfaith dialogue.

SARID activities on Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue
We organize, mediate and attend discussions between different communities to promote understanding & tolerance.



Democracy in the Muslim World: Obstacles, Difficulties, and Best methods
Report on workshop from World Movement for Democracy; Third Assembly, February 01-04, 2004

Personal dialogues between Jews and Muslims, American Weekly, USA, February 10, 2004
Daniel Pearl’s father, Judea Pearl, might be forgiven if he were to deplore Islam. Instead, he put himself on a Philadelphia stage for a one-on-one public dialogue on religion with AU professor Akbar Ahmed, “probably the world’s best-known scholar on contemporary Islam.”

My god is your god, NY Times, USA, January 28, 2004
Many Christians and Jews are aware of a common past, but seem to have a tough time internalizing it.

Akbar Ahmed
Probably the world's best known scholar on contemporary Islam, Prof. Ahmed is very active in interfaith dialogue and an advisor to SARID and has written many articles on interfaith dialogue and the Abrahamic tradition. With links to biography, articles & books.

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