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Religion & Development in General

Links to web articles, forums, projects and other resources concerned with the interaction between religious belief systems and components of sustainable development such as education, governance, conflict resolution, technology and the environment.

SARID wishes to foster inter-regional cooperation by encouraging visitors to contribute relevant information on the religious dimension to development or related issues. Please see SUBMISSIONS to offer your contribution.

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Links to articles on the web discussing religion and issues related to sustainable development.

Statement on Sustainable Development, September 2002
Response to the Earth Summit in Rio by the Interreligious & International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP)

Religion & Governance

Governance: The Spiritual Challenge
Commentary from the Global Strategies Project. Union of International Associations (UIA)

Belief, Ethnicity & Violence
Role of religous and related forms of belief in the formation and mobilization of ethnic identity and nationalism. US Institute of Peace USIP

Religion, Spirituality & Human Rights
Recommendations and comments by the UN Conference on Women, 1999

A Question of Faith
Review of 'The Cross and the Crescent' a history of early Muslim-Christian relations that has lessons for today

Religious Communities in the Struggle for Human Rights
The growing consensus about human rights among religious leaders is a new development that has yet to be widely recognized and understood.

Religion & Human Rights
Brief survey of the issues by the PEW forum on Religion in Public Life. USA

Technology & Religion, Religion as Technology
The advancement of the mechanical arts has been inspired by deep religious desires of transcendence and redemption.

Religion & Technology: A Study in the Philosophy of Culture
Review of study exploring beyond the simplistic technology vs religion perception.

The Tree of Knowledge Can Liberate You
The religious symbolism of trees


Forums & Projects

Links to projects, initiatives, research and forum/discussion sites engaged with religion and sustainable development concerns.

Religion, Spirituality and the Environment: A Key Component for Johannesburg (WSSD), 2002
Discussion session on the spiritual dimension to reaching sustainable development. Hosted by the World Civil Society Forum (WCSF)

Forum on Religion & Ecology
An inter-religious and multi-cultural project researching the interaction of religion and ecology with science, ethics, economics, education, public policy, gender etc. Based in Harvard University, USA

Sustainability & Religion
Project initiated by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Religion, Culture & Sustainable Development
A course presented by the School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, Maryland, USA

Religion & Governance
Seminar on Governance and Civilizations, Brussels, May 14-16, 1998

Can Religion Cure Inhuman Global Governance?
Review of 'Toward a Global Civilization? The Contribution of Religions', a collection of essays that examines the possible contribution of religions to the creation of a peaceful and just international order.

Religion & American Foreign Policy
Discussion co-sponsored by the PEW Forum on Religion & Public Life & the Brookings Foreign Policy & Governance Study Programs. USA.



Links to compilations of web sites, ecumenical groups & institutions concerned with religion and appropriate development in general.

Internet Resources for Exploring Religion, Worldviews, Environment and Public Policy
Directory of reading and research resources from the Environmental Ethics and Public Policy Program of the Divinity School, Harvard University, USA.

Religion & the Environment
Compilation of recommended links discussing the views of different belief systems regarding the environment from Palomar College, USA.

Documentation for Action Groups in Asia (DAGA)
Online resource and information centre for ecumenical action groups in Asia. Hong Kong, China.

World Network of Religious Futurists (WNRF)
Professional association of international scholars and activists dedicated to studying the future of their religious tradition in view of world civilization. USA.

Religion & Education
Journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education. USA.

International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF)
Registered charity encouraging interfaith dialogue and tolerance while working for freedom of religion and belief at a global level. UK.

Institute for Religion, Technology & Culture (IRTC)
Promotes reflection on religious, philosophical and ethical issues pertaining to the interaction between information technologies and cultures in order to foster social justice. UK.



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