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PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Developing education in slum areas.
LOCATION: Umar Colony, Karachi, Pakistan
CONTACT PERSONS: Salma Shakir,, Javed Sultan

PROJECT SUMMARY: The Shah School is being studied under SARID's School Program as a model to develop guidelines for education in slum areas by improving & partially funding vocational training, adult literacy, curriculum, teacher training, & maintaining physical facilities.

SARID will make the information gathered from this study available on our website.

The Shah school is co-educational & is run in two sections. The morning secondary school, which conducts classes up to Matriculation, is owned and administered by Mr. Shaukat Rehman Shah.

SARID funds and manages the afternoon session for about 100 students, ranging from kindergarten to grade five. Children who wish to continue their education beyond this point to Matriculation are financially supported through a program initiated by SARID.

The afternoon school is run solely on the money collected through donations. This includes the salaries of the teachers, student uniforms and all school supplies.

Contact persons:
Salma Shakir (
Javed Sultan (

School Program continued

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