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South Asia (AJK, Pakistan; Barguna, Bangladesh...)

Read more about SARID's Affordable, Sustainable, Green Housing projects, including the opening by AKPBS- P's of a low-cost, earthquake resistant, energy efficient, and eco-friendly housing in Garthama, AJK, Pakistan. The construction process utilizes a proprietary technology [patent pending], MASS, developed by Javed Sultan of SARID, Inc. Built in 4 weeks, cost is at least 30-40 per cent less then comparable known technologies ... more




Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

This year, SARID (South Asia Research Institute for Development) began a program in Muzaffarabad to support women who were widowed after the October 2005 earthquake.   The town of Muzaffarabad suffered extensive damage and hundreds of thousands of people lost their loved ones, their homes and their jobs.  On July 4, Javed Sultan, our Executive Director, and I met with two women who will be receiving monetary support (monthly stipends) from SARID, as well as guidance in healthcare, job training, and career development.  Javed, who is engaged in starting a self-help housing program for the victims of the Earthquake, had identified the widows. Widows living in cities and towns, are one of the overlooked groups who need immediate help. SARID Board had recently approved the program and wanted Javed to launch it as soon as possible. He had asked me to help coordinate SARID’s effort ... more



Karachi, Pakistan

Visitors to the SARID Quilts exhibition -- held in Karachi, Pakistan, throughout November 2003 -- got the opportunity to tour quilting workshops, demonstrations, and an array of colorful stalls.

The annual show is cosponsored by SARID and Rehman Shah School & Vocational Centre, Umar Colony, Karachi ... more


SARID creates and supports innovative, appropriate small- and medium-scale efforts that embrace research, intermediate technology, vocational training and education. We aspire to increase local involvement by employing indigenous resources.

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Quilt Exhibition, Karachi, Pakistan - July 2004

Library Connections
- enhancing libraries in South Asia
- empowering underprivileged women
School Program - schooling for underprivileged children
Calpentyn - affordable housing/small wind energy scheme

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SARID Organizes in-house and web-based opportunities for the direct exchange of knowledge and experience regarding specific sustainable development concerns, solutions, projects and programs for researchers, practitioners and decision makers.

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SARID collates and distributes information on sustainable development and technology projects, research and literature through web links and publications. We publish invited articles and papers on topics on or related to sustainable development.



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