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Think Tanks and Research/Policy Institutes


The Brookings Institute

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

contains extensive collection of research papers, policy briefs and op-eds on South Asia in general and Afghanistan, Pakistan and India in specific. Search for publications by Anatol Lieven, Joseph Cirincione, Hussain Haqqani and Daniel Brumberg:


The Henry L. Stimson Center

Regional Security in South Asia (The South Asia Project)

Reducing Nuclear Dangers in South Asia

Asian Security Luncheon Series (Details of seminar/conference proceedings)


The Heritage Foundation

Responding to the Indo-Pakistan Crisis:

Keys to Endgame in Afghanistan:


Center for Strategic and International Studies

South Asia Program (Overview and highlights)

South Asia Monitor (A monthly CSIS newsletter focusing on key issues and development sin the region)

Two Elections: New Hopes and Old Frustrations



Terrorism and Asymmetric Conflict in Southwest Asia (Conference Proceedings):

South Asia related Publications (On Bangladesh, Pakistan and India):

Indiaís Emerging Nuclear Posture:



Centers Focusing on South Asia (Academic)


Columbia University Southern Asian Institute

The Southern Asian Institute coordinates the many activities at Columbia University that relate to South Asia. Its conferences, seminars, exhibits, films, and lecture series bring together faculty and students with widely varying interests and backgrounds. Because of its location in New York, the Institute has lively ties with United Nations personnel, the diplomatic community, and many international agencies.


Cornell University South Asia Program

The South Asia Program at Cornell is a well-developed institution. Program members are located in diverse Cornell colleges, many concentrating on applied work in Agricultural fields, City & Regional Planning, Art, Communication, and Labor Relations. The Program also attracts students engaged in regional history and the social sciences and the program is well known for its research on questions concerning the environment, rural inequality and agrarian change, labor market dynamics, economic liberalization, social movements and questions of governance.


University of California at Berkeley

The Center is committed to enhancing the knowledge of South Asia and South Asians by working with institutions and individuals throughout the state. The mission of CSAS is the development and advancement of the scholarly study of the South Asia region. The research activities encompassed include the social sciences, the humanities, and relevant professional fields.


University of Chicago South Asian Languages and Civilizations

Department page, linked to information about the faculty, staff, and programs coordinated by the South Asia committee, the Bengal Studies Conference, and library.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Established in 1961, the Center for South Asia supports extensive teaching, research, and outreach relating to the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Tibet; and to a lesser extent, the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.


University of Pennsylvania South Asia Regional Center

The site of a language and area studies center, also linked to the university's Center for the Advanced Study of India at


University of Texas, Austin

A large, wide-ranging Asian Studies program includes a focus on South Asia, too.


University of Virginia Center for South Asian Studies

A national resource center for study of South Asia. Useful links to South Asia library resources.


Syracuse University South Asia Center

The Center participates in collaboration with Cornell University to form a consortium with a focus on the research and scholarship of the South Asia region.




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