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Associated Links

Links to organisations with a special relationship to SARID.

Association for India's development (AID) - Boston
AID Boston is a non-profit charitable organization that raises awareness on developmental issues and supports many community development efforts in India.

Alliance for a Secular & Democratic South Asia
Association of Boston Area, USA, residents concerned about the rising communalization of South Asian societies. Organizes lectures, panel discussions and screenings of documentary films. Raises funds for relief work and activist organizations in South Asia.

Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy
A non-profit organization, based in Washington DC, USA, dedicated to studying Islamic and democratic political thought and merging them into a modern Islamic democratic discourse.

Environment Foundation Limited, Sri Lanka
The oldest environmental public interest law organization in Asia. A Non-governmental body working towards environmental conservation, sustainable development and protection of environmental rights. Implements objectives primarily by way of litigation in the courts. Organises campaigns and events. Publishes newletter. With Links.

Greater Boston Nepali Community
Boston area-based association of Nepalis and friends active in building a cohesive community and in promoting the culture and traditions of Nepal and Nepalis. Organises lectures & cultural events. Publishes a newsletter & a directory.Hosts a public forum. With Links.

Jaishanker Memorial Centre, India
Non-government institution involved with current affairs, social issues and the environment in the New Delhi vicinity. Organises seminars for all as well as activities and classes tilted towards deprived women, youths & children.

Massachusetts Area South Asian Lambda Association (MASALA)
Boston-based association concerned with South Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender issues. Organises events and a discussion group.

Pakistani Association of Greater Boston (PAGB)
Non-political, non-sectarian, cultural and educational Pakistani organization, based in the New England area, USA. Organises lectures and cultural shows. Publishes a quarterly Newsletter. With Links.

Sri Lanka Association of New England
Association based in New England, USA, concerned with fostering friendship and unity among Sri Lankans in the area. Promotes awareness of the Sri Lankan economic and political situation; organizes social, welfare and cultural activities. Initiates projects in Sri Lanka.



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