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WORK IN SOUTH ASIA (Sarid) - Robust economic growth has not translated into real reductions in poverty or joblessness in South Asia during the period 1996 to 2006, says a new report from the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. It recommends that the region invest in more education and training as well as in social protection measures such as the security of working arrangements, institution of benefits, decent working conditions and women’s rights. Only if the region manages to turn growth into decent employment creation will there be enough solid ground for further development ... Full Article

SARID's PROGRAM IN MUZAFFARABAD (Sarid) - This month, SARID began a program in Muzaffarabad to support women who were widowed after the October 2005 earthquake. The town of Muzaffarabad suffered incredible damage and hundreds of thousands of people lost their loved ones, their homes and their jobs ... Full Article

UPDATE ON SARID's WIDOW REHABILITATION PROGRAM (Sarid) - I recently traveled to Muzaffarabad to visit the two women whom SARID has been supporting. We had a wonderful visit, and they repeatedly expressed their gratitude for all the assistance that they have been receiving ... Full Article



In the Spotlight

A little can go a long way towards making life better, November 16 2004,
By Farhan Bokhari, Fiona Harvey, Amy Kazmin and Amy Yee. Not long ago, 46-year-old Than Than Win and her husband eked out a living by working the fields of landowners in Kangyi, a small village about half a day's journey from Rangoon. Along with many of Burma's poor, Ms Win had little means to improve her life or those of her six children.

A little can go a long way towards making life better, Financial Times, UK, November 15, 2004
Microfinance evolved in response to the deficiencies of the traditional banking system whose high overheads often made small loans unaffordable to relatively poor clients. The real challenge is not only to distribute more small loans but to overhaul entire financial systems to make the poor central to the financial systems in poor countries.

What is Micro-enterprise? Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), USA
A definition of microenterprise as applied to the USA



World Vision Makes One Millionth Microenterprise Loan to Entrepreneurial Poor, FT, August 16, 2004
World Vision will make its one millionth loan to an impoverished client in August, 2004. Its new subsidiary, Vision Fund International, will enable World Vision to offer micro-loans to millions more by leveraging philanthropic donations with borrowed capital.

Trickle Up Program Celebrates 25 Years of Microenterprise Development, FT, June 4, 2004
Founded in 1979, the Tricle Up organization has worked with nearly 1,700 coordinating partner agencies, primarily grassroots development agencies, to help build more than 120,000 microbusinesses benefiting greater than a half a million of the poorest people around the world.

The Grameen example, Daily News, Colombo, February 11, 2004
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but by teaching him to fish you feed him for life.

One village, one product concept boost to small industries, Daily Star, Dhaka, February 09, 2004
Bangladesh can initiate a 'one village one product' programme replicating the successful Thai concept that will give a boost to small and cottage industries in rural areas, said a Thai embassy official.

Farming changes their lot, Daily Star, Dhaka, February 05, 2004
Graduating from a local college, Zakir Hossain started hybrid tomato cultivation. He is now a proud and rich farmer and dreams of creating jobs for others in agro-based small industries.



news sources & organisations relevant to micro-enterprise in general. Those concerned with one issue or confined to one region are noted in the relevant sections.

Commercialization of Microfinance; South & Southeast Asia
ADB's Microfinance Development Strategy recognizes the importance of commercialization, not as an end in itself but as a means to expand the outreach of microfinance services to poor and low-income households and their microenterprises on a sustainable basis (2004).

Financing Renewable Energy Technologies: A Guidebook for Micro finance Institutions in Nepal
Manual (Winrock International, sponsored by USAID, July 2004) provides both technical and financial information about Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) with the aim of encouraging micro finance institutions (MFIs) to view RETs as bankable investment opportunities. It provides guidance to help MFIs evaluate and manage risks associated with lending for RETs, and identifies and seeks to bolster institutional capacity as well as remedy inadequate/lack of access to finance and poor rural socio-economic situations which have been identified as the bottlenecks and barriers to strengthening the sector.

Human Concern International, Canada
a Federally Registered, charitable organization existing "to help alleviate human suffering", facilitating long term development projects (Health Care, Agriculture, Human Resources Development, Relief and Public Education), and providing immediate relief assistance to many poor and strife torn countries and to local causes in Canada.

The Microenterprise Journal, USA
A business news publication that covers politics and policy, economics and the market, providing exclusive articles on the issues from a uniquely microbusiness perspective.

Microenterprise quick facts
From "Laying the Foundation for Economic Development", Economic Perspectives, USA, February 2004.
US government information.

Microfinance gateway
A public forum where Microfinance professionals can contribute thought pieces, post publications, publicize conferences and training workshops, debate current issues, and look for employment.

Microfinance handbook: an Institutional and Financial Perspective, USA, 1999
This toolkit provides a comprehensive source for the design, implementation, evaluation, and management of microfinance activities.

a knowledge sharing source of information, applications and tools designed to improve the impact of USAID microenterprise programs and activities. microLINKS gives you access to the latest information on microenterprise; best practices; proven approaches from USAID Missions, partners, and practitioners; a library of documents, reports, and tools; and an environment that supports and enriches communities of practice focused on the many facets of microenterprise development.

Renewable Energy for Microenterprise, USA (PDF)
A handbook published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado, USA

SANMFI: South Asian Network of Microfinance Initiatives, Bangladesh
A microfinance Network exclusively focused on South Asia and dedicated to linking, strengthening and promoting microfinance institutions in the region through influencing policies and promoting best practices.

Trickle Up Program, USA
Organization helping the lowest income people worldwide take the first steps out of poverty, by providing conditional seed capital, business training, and relevant support services essential to the launch or expansion of a microenterprise.


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