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Storm Shelters - Bangladesh


PROJECT NAME: Storm / Tsunami Shelter - Bangladesh
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Shelter for People and Animals

Images on the right: Axonometric view of proposed Tsunami Shelter; Plan View; SARID engineers with villagers in Barguna, Bangladesh.

PROJECT SUMMARY: The project anticipates building of Tsunami (Storm) shelters along the Bay of Bengal where Tsunami waves can arrive at shores at a height of twenty five (25) feet to thirty feet (30). In the case of 2004 Tsunami waves were as high as hundred feet in coastal areas of Sumatra and Bandar Acheh. People living in these coastal areas are in constant threat of these Tsunamis - which have become more frequent in the last thirty years or so. Bangladesh is mostly flat and the maximum difference in elevation over long distances, thirty to forty miles, is merely five(5) feet. So in case of Tsunamis people and animals have limited option for escape. Able bodied, younger men and women, climb trees if they are available. However the elderly, infant, livestock mostly perish or are badly injured. The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, affected many countries, and it is estimated that more than 1 million homes were destroyed, some 4 million people displaced, and affected more than 30 million adversely. Close to three hundred thousand (300,000) people died. The 2004 Tsunami was followed by another in November of 2007. Thousands of people died in this latter Tsunami as well. The people, in a wide belt living in the Bay of Bengal as well as Indian Ocean, are too poor to build resilient homes to be able to resist these Tsunmais. Even if they did they still would not be able to protect their animals and livestock - essential for rural economy. We are proposing the building of communal shelters, that can not only shelter people but also their animals (Livestock/ Poultry). These structures are needed in many countries world over - that are exposed to Tsunamis, tidal surges, cyclones and rising seas. In normal times the shelter can serve as a school, adminisrative offices, as welll as for storage of emergency supply of food and medicine. The structure has been designed by SARID in collaboration with local and international structural engineers.

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