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SARID's CASE STUDY: Disaster Avoidance and Mitigation - Barguna, Bangladesh - “MASS” Technology

Key information:

  • Protects People (600) and Animals (300)
  • Protected Area Expected Cost 1500 taka/sf.
  • Built in High Risk Area – 15 Km from coast, with very poor soil ( .2 ton/sf)
  • Sustainable and “Green”
  • Will generate local employment

Height of surge during the flood of November 2007:

Barguna villagers looking at proposed school shelter:

Proposed school cum storm shelter – Barguna, Bangladesh:

Advantages of MASS technology:

  1. MASS technology suitable for new construction or retrofit
  2. Flood proof, Seismic resistant, “Green” Architecture
  3. Permanent construction 20% cheaper than Masonry or Brick
  4. Utilizes unskilled labor so employment generator
  5. 50% the carbon footprint of masonry
  6. Quick Construction
  7. Mosquito, rodent and snake proof, excepting for operable openings such as windows and doors

Facts about the MASS Technology - Comparative Analysis against known Technologies:





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