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  1. Khan Academy: A good free e-eduation site for Math, as well as other subjects, such as science, business, etc. >>>>>>

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2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Free Online Courses: >>>>>>

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3. London School of Economics - Free Online Courses: >>>>>>

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4. Harvard ( Computer Programming) - Online Courses - Some Courses are not free : >>>>>>

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF SOUTH ASIANS LIVING IN GERMANY (Deutsche Welle) - In the early years of immigration to Germany during the 1950s and 1960s when the country's economic boom necessitated workers from abroad, only a few thousand came from South Asia. They were mainly young men from Bengal (today Bangladesh and West Bengal) who came to work or to study. They chose Germany because of its economic power, its free education and also because of the absence of a colonial history ... Full Article

DON’T FORGET SOUTH ASIA: Harvard should dedicate resources to the modern study of this region (The Harvard Crimson) - The study of modern South Asia — its politics, economics, culture, and history — has become a profoundly important academic endeavor, especially in light of the region’s growing influence in the international arena ... Full Article

GENDER INEQUALITY MUST BE TACKLED IN EARLY CHILDHOOD (Sarid) - The first five years of life are most important for child development, and the stage at which negative gender stereotyping must be addressed if many of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are to be reached, says the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) meeting on Gender and Early Childhood Care and Education in Cairo yesterday ... Full Article

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW SOUTH ASIA (Sarid) - Harvard Business Review, the world’s most influential business management magazine is now available throughout South Asia, thanks to the collaboration between Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation and the India Today Group. Last month, they announced a partnership to publish Harvard Business Review South Asia, an English-language edition of the Harvard Business School's outstanding publication, which will be distributed through the region ... Full Article



General Scenario

Facts on Education in South Asia

South-Asia Emerges as an anti-education zone, by Ranjit Dev Raj, Asia Times

Rebuilding Schools, Rebuilding Lives, ADB



Dynamics of Higher Education: Ideas and Comparisons

English literaure in English Language teaching, Daily News, Colombo, February 10, 2004
Emphasis on the utility value of a language tends to establish definite goals such as comprehension and communicative skills, discouraging the study of literature as being something unproductive.

New editions of textbooks wreaking havoc for students, Boston Metro, USA, January 30, 2004
A recent study says that 76 percent of professors thought that new additions are generally unnecessary.

Mastering Globalization: From Ideas to Action on the Higher Education Reform, David E. Bloom, Harvard University, 19 September 2002

Globalization and Higher Education: A view from the South, Speech by Prof. David Bloom

Report of the Seminar at Aga Khan University on Higher Education in the Developing world: Promise and Potential

A power-point presentation by Prof. Henry Rosovsky, Redefining Higher Education in Pakistan, February 2001

Turning Higher Education Around, by Pervez Hoodbhoy, Friday Times, February 15 , 2001



Prospects of Education Reform: Lessons and Resources

Academy for Education Development (Project details - Pakistan, Bangladesh)

The Center for Education Reform


Special Focus




Urban Science Education with Integrated Technologies

Education Reform Resources

The Educator's Bookstore

Global Education Reform, World Bank

Strategic Choices for Education Reform, World Bank


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