Sunday, April 30, 2006 [top]

Indian Sikhs donate Rs1.4 m for Pak quake victims: New Kerala

Friday, April 28, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Safe housing units to be built in quake zone in one year: Relief Web

Over 90,000 quake survivors return from relief camps: The Muslim News

Thursday, April 27, 2006 [top]

UN sees rains as big challenge in quake-hit Pakistan: Reuters

New plan to wipe earthquake town off the map: Mail & Guardian

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 [top]

Disaster relief fund would speed assistance to devastated areas: World Bank Khaleej Times

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 [top]

'Sewing' the seeds for return after Pakistan quake: Reuters

IOM returns quake survivors from the eastern province of Punjab: Relief Web

Monday, April 24, 2006 [top]

Erra seeks more international support for reconstruction: PakTribune

Sunday, April 23, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: After the quake, they fear man-made disaster: Boston Globe

New aid plan for quake survivors: Radio New Zealand

Saturday, April 22, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Earthquake survivors protest for relief: Relief Web

Friday, April 21, 2006 [top]

Pakistan quake survivors: Seeds for a new life: Relief Web

Thursday, April 20, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Quake Relief Camps Shut Before Villages Are Rebuilt: IPS

Islamabad and UN agree on quake zone reconstruction plan: Gulf Times

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: ICRC moves to kickstart farm production in quake zone: ICRC

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: quake survivors want to go home, UN refugee official says: UN News

Quake survivors share concerns, hopes with UNHCR deputy chief: Relief Web

Monday, April 17, 2006 [top]

Rebuilding lives in Pakistan: Relief Web

Pakistani police break up quake payment protest: Reuters

Sunday, April 16, 2006 [top]

Housing compensation starts in Pak quake-hit areas: New Kerala

Rs 760m agreements to get quake victims back on their feet: Pakistan Link

Saturday, April 15, 2006 [top]

Musharraf invited to attend Indo-Pakistan Abu Dhabi ODIs: New Kerala

Friday, April 14, 2006 [top]

Over One Million Pakistanis Treated by Cuban Doctors: Ahora

Thursday, April 13, 2006 [top]

UN agency to end quake relief operation due to fund shortage: Xinhua

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 [top]

Camps closing, but mobile teams plug away in quake areas: Reuters

Shaukat for constituting UN fund for quake victims: Pakistan Link

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 [top]

Women of the Pakistan earthquakee: Relief Web

Seismically resistant houses in quake hit areas to be ensured: Pakistan Link

Pakistan: Supporting primary health care for earthquake victims: ICRC

Monday, April 10, 2006 [top]

After successful relief stage in quake, UN warns against fall in aid: Relief Web

Sunday, April 9, 2006 [top]

Reconstruction on modern lines, says Musharraf: Pakistan Link

Saturday, April 8, 2006 [top]

United Nations in Pakistan shifts to recovery and reconstruction: Relief Web

Friday, April 7, 2006 [top]

Biggest challenge for quake survivors yet to come: Reuters

Pakistan: Reconstruction – A daunting challenge: Relief Web

Thursday, April 6, 2006 [top]

Pakistanis Fight Efforts to Relocate City: CBS News

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 [top]

Red Cross Begins Recovery Operations in Pakistan's Earthquake Zone: VOA

Six months after quake, Pakistan has big challenge: Reuters

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 [top]

Thousands of houses needed in Pakistan's earthquake zone: ABC, Asia

Pakistan earthquake injures 12: Xinhua, China

Monday, April 3, 2006 [top]

Earthquake Victims Moving Back, Starting Over: Reuters

PAKISTAN: Earthquake returns gather momentum: Reuters

Sunday, April 2, 2006 [top]

Pakistan earthquake: Six months on, they are still living in fear: Independent

Saturday, April 1, 2006 [top]

Pakistan relocating quake-devastated city: Contra Costa Times

Friday, March 31, 2006 [top]

Living conditions remain dire in quake-hit Pakistan: Relief Web

PAKISTAN: UN survey highlights economic challenges: Reuters

Thursday, March 30, 2006 [top]

Thousands leave relief camps for home: Kashar News

Reconstruction of houses: Quake-hit people will get 2nd instalment in April: Daily Times

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 [top]

Pakistan earthquake: Survivors must steer efforts to rebuild their lives and communities: Relief Web

Returns pick up pace from quake zone in Pakistan: Reuters

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 [top]

ADB to help restore livelihoods of earthquake-affected households: Relief Web

UN to expedite reconstruction process in NWFP: Pakistan Link

Monday, March 27, 2006 [top]

Quake victims' reluctant exodus: BBC News

Experts for strengthening disaster management in Pakistan: Khaleej Times

Sunday, March 26, 2006 [top]

Plan to revive agricultural activities in quake-hit AJK evolved: Relief Web

Corporate sector help sought in reconstruction: Daily Times

Saturday, March 25, 2006 [top]

US air relief efforts wind down in quake hit areas: Daily Times

Friday, March 24, 2006 [top]

Swiss Development agency to set up two reconstruction centres: Relief Web

Quakeproof houses to be built for quake-affectees: Pak Tribune

Thursday, March 23, 2006 [top]

UK commits first £5 million to earthquake reconstruction: Pak Tribune

Navigating the roads of quake-hit Kashmir: BBC News

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 [top]

U.S. Aid to Pakistan Includes Post-Earthquake Building Techniques: US Info

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 [top]

US military set to end Pakistan quake relief mission: Reuters

Pakistan: Earthquake victims start to move home: Relief Web

Monday, March 20, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Clean water critical to quake returns: Relief Web

Sunday, March 19, 2006 [top]

Moderate earthquake jolts Pakistan: Zee News

Quake Prediction Centre approved for Pakistan: Pakistan Times

Saturday, March 18, 2006 [top]

Pakistan quake victims to start rebuilding by May: Canada.com

Friday, March 17, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: President Musharraf assures transparent utilisation of Pakistan quake aid: Khaleej Times

Thursday, March 16, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: WHO establishing temporary health units: Reuters

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Political Impact of the Earthquake: Relief Web

Pakistani quake refugees returning home: Washington Post

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 [top]

Grant aid to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Relief Web

Monday, March 13, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Blankets aid wintertime survival: Relief Web

Pakistan: Rehabilitation of earthquake victims on war-footing: Relief Web

Sunday, March 12, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: 1800 schools restored in quake-hit areas: Pakistan Link

Saturday, March 11, 2006 [top]

Pakistani quake survivors still in need, months after catastrophe: JS Online

Relief Camps: UN for Voluntary Return of Quake Survivors: Pakistan Times

USAID funding cash for work programme: Kashar World News

Friday, March 10, 2006 [top]

Pakistan has no plans to close camps of quake-survivors: Relief Web

One Killed in Moderate Quake in Kashmir: Guardian Unlimited

Thursday, March 9, 2006 [top]

U.N.: Battle won to save earthquake survivors: The Argus

Earthquake survivors start to head home: SwissInfo

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 [top]

No Second Wave of Quake Deaths, U.N. Says: CBS News

Lack of building codes delays reconstruction in quake-hit Pakistan:Relief Web

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 [top]

Quake victims to be moved out of NWFP tent villages: Gulf Times

USAID Brings Water to Batagram Farmers: Pakistan Link

Monday, March 6, 2006 [top]

WFP to help Pakistan quake victims recover: Relief Web

USAID helps build community resilience: Pakistan Link

Sunday, March 5, 2006 [top]

UN offers food-for-work project for Pakistani quake survivors: Relief Web

Saturday, March 4, 2006 [top]

Bush meets US volunteers in quake-affected areas: New Kerala.Com

Lack of funds hits Pakistan, Afghanistan food aid: Reuters

Thursday, March 2, 2006 [top]

Pakistan Quake Zone Escapes Dreaded 2nd Wave of Deaths: Washington Post

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: UN agencies moving from relief to reconstruction: Relief Web

World Vision aids Pakistan victims in forbidden quake zone: Reuters

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 [top]

Australian Aid to build two hospitals in quake zone: Pakistan Link

Monday, February 27, 2006 [top]

PAKISTAN: UN presents post-quake recovery plan: Reuters

Earthquake survivors risk landslides and floods in Kashmir: The Star

Sunday, February 26, 2006 [top]

ABC continues extending assistance to earthquake-hit areas: Relief Web

Pakistan quake victims struggle to rebuild: USA Today

Saturday, February 25, 2006 [top]

Turkey Helps Pakistan Recover From Earthquake: Turkish Press

Friday, February 24, 2006 [top]

Assessment report reveals far reaching damage to livelihoods: Reuters

Flying doctors help earthquake survivors get through the winter: Reuters

Pakistan: Will earthquake victims go home? BBC News

Thursday, February 23, 2006 [top]

Monsoon brings new threat to Pakistan quake survivors: Mail & Guardian

Quake survivors return to the mountains: CNN.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 [top]

PAKISTAN: Education key priority in quake region: Reuters

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 [top]

PAKISTAN: Women's committee highlights problems facing women in quake camps: Reuters

Pakistan: Veiled but Women More Visible After Quake: IPS News

Monday, February 20, 2006 [top]

Pakistan Quake: World Vision Bringing Help to 100,000: Reuters

USAID voucher programme makes difference in quake-affected north: IRIN News

Saturday, February 18, 2006 [top]

WFP desperately needs funds to sustain helicopter lifeline: Pakistan Link

Friday, February 17, 2006 [top]

Cable way to Allai Valley restored: Kashar News

Pakistan: Rs.80 bln reconstruction work to start from March: Relief Web

Thursday, February 16, 2006 [top]

U.S. Army hands off Last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital: United Press Int.

One week ration available to meet emergency: Gen. Farooq: Kashar News

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 [top]

Fund Shortage Threatens Vital Airlift to Pakistani Quake Survivors:VOA News

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 [top]

Prompt Action Urged on Pakistan Landslide Threat: ENN.com

Quake Reconstruction Chief Fired: ABC News

Monday, February 13, 2006 [top]

UN sustain relief efforts in quake-torn areas: Pak Tribune

Sunday, February 12, 2006 [top]

Cartoon row grounds relief copters: Scotsman.Com

Saturday, February 11, 2006 [top]

Flash flood threat to Pakistan quake survivors: Guardian Unlimited

Friday, February 10, 2006 [top]

Pakistan earthquake: Stable situation in relief camps: Relief Web

Pakistan quake: German Helicopters continue relief: Pakistan Link

Thursday, February 9, 2006 [top]

Aid flights provide lifeline for Pakistan's quake: Relief Web

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 [top]

UN reports confirm high infant deaths in Pakistan earthquake : Pakistan Link

Among Pakistan quake's fallen structures: barriers for girls: Yahoo! News

Tuesday, February 7, 2006 [top]

Pakistan earthquake victims wait for an uncertain spring: Taiwan News

IMF Not Seeing Earthquake Ill-Affects on Pakistan's Economy: Yahoo! News

Regular check-ups safeguard conditions in Pakistan's quake camps: Reuters

Monday, February 6, 2006 [top]

Pakistan PM says volunteers played significant role in post-quake era: Pakistan Link

The Pakistan earthquake: One family’s story of survival: Relief Web

Sunday, February 5, 2006 [top]

Study clarifies dynamics of Pakistan earthquake : TMC net

Saturday, February 4, 2006 [top]

U.S. Military to Shut Down Last MASH Unit: Herald Sun

Friday, February 3, 2006 [top]

Emergency relief for Pakistan earthquake survivors continues: Reuters

US troops to leave Pakistan in March: Xinhua Online

UN seeks money to keep Pakistan quake relief flying: Yahoo! News

Thursday, February 2, 2006 [top]

PAKISTAN: Free transport scheme popular among quake survivors: Reuters

Pakistan quake aftermath problems continue: United Press International

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 [top]

Winter fears for Pakistan earthquake victims: CNW Group

Pakistan: Earthquake relief is tough but rewarding: ReliefWeb

Pakistan quake flights could scale down in a month: Yahoo! News

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 [top]

NATO winds up Pakistan earthquake mission: Reuters

Pakistan's Earthquake Survivors Will Receive More Housing Aid: Bloomberg.com

After 100 days of struggle, fresh hope for survivors: Guardian

Monday, January 30, 2006 [top]

Adams headlines Pakistan concert to raise money: CTV.ca

PAKISTAN: Single-headed quake households face uncertain future: IRIN UN

Quake-hit Pakistan relies on chopper trips: Boston.com

Sunday, January 29, 2006 [top]

Pakistan Braces for Next Quake Challenge: ABC News

Saturday, January 28, 2006 [top]

Harsh weather hampering relief operations: UN PakTribune

Pakistan slowly moving from earthquake relief to recovery stage: UN News

Friday, January 27, 2006 [top]

Pakistan Earthquake Families to Receive $100 Vouchers: Bloomberg.com

EUR 5.6m for Pakistan earthquake victims: Expatica.com

Quake victims no more vulnerable to diseases: Kashar.net

Fear of deaths in Pakistan quake zone receding: UN: Zee News

Thursday, January 26, 2006 [top]

DAVOS-Musharraf to monitor quake rebuilding, thanks aid: Reuters

UN Praises Cuban Doctors in Pakistan: AIN National News Agency

Quake victims limping towards normality: Kashar.net

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 [top]

Pakistan: Rs.9318 m distributed among earthquake survivors: ReliefWeb

Pakistan has promising economic prospects: IMF: Pakistan Link

Musharraf calls for harmony between West, Muslim world: Dawn.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 [top]

How Pakistan Is Picking Itself Up: Business Week

Pakistan: Earthquake effort helps homeless: ReliefWeb

Bush Pleased U.S. Could Assist Pakistan Earthquake Effort: USINFO

PAKISTAN: USAID to build 60 schools in quake area: Reuters Foundation

Pakistan Recovery Situation Getting Grim: Church World Service

Clear weather boosts relief flights, but funds fall short: Daily Times, Pakistan

Monday, January 23, 2006 [top]

U.S. field hospitals in Pakistan pass 23,000-patient mark: US Marines News

Pakistan's Earthquake Relief Program Boosted by Clear Weather: Bloomberg.com

Prime Minister of Pakistan thanks US for quake assistance, condemns airstrike: Kashar.net

Oslo cuts $20 mln Pakistan debts; Musharraf visits: Reuters Foundation

Saturday, January 21, 2006 [top]

U.S. starts Pakistan quake reconstruction aid: Reuters Foundation

Friday, January 20, 2006 [top]

Earthquake relief food not expired: Xinhua, China

Thursday, January 19, 2006 [top]

Pakistan rebuilds clinics in quake zone: Yahoo!News

UN resumes Pakistan aid flights: BBC News

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 [top]

NATO medical team leaves Pakistan: Xinhua, China

Landslides new obstacle to quake relief: Boston.com

Pakistan government registers quake survivors in camps: Reuters.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 [top]

Senator John Kerry tours quake-stricken Pakistan: MSNBC

UNHCR battles cold front in northern Pakistan: Reuters.com

U.N. suspends quake relief flights: CNN News

Monday, January 16, 2006 [top]

Pakistan earthquake: 100 days after: Oxfam Press Release

India, Pakistan to resume talks: CNN.com

Sunday, January 15, 2006 [top]

UN says focusing on Pakistan earthquake survivors in tent camps: IRNA

Saturday, January 14, 2006 [top]

Pakistan quake survivors under constant threat: UN: Khaleej Times

Friday, January 13, 2006 [top]

Women in quake-hit Pakistan break old barriers: Reuters.com

Kashmir quake leads to more freedom for women: AsiaNews.it

Thursday, January 12, 2006 [top]

Pakistan hit by 5.1-magnitude earthquake: ScienceDaily

Thursday, December 22, 2005 [top]

Refugees help quake survivors come in from the cold: Reuters, United Kingdom

UN stepps up its campaign for winter-protection in the relief camps: AKI, Italy

German Army and choppers to remain in quake affected areas: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

UN agency training Pakistan's quake survivors to avoid deadly accidents: Pravda, Russia

Aid group warns harsh winter may kill thousands in Pakist: China Post, Taiwan

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 [top]

German defence minister arrives today: Daily Times, Pakistan

German defense minister to visit Pakistan: Xinhua, China

Pakistan Cries for Help due to Winter Onset: Zaman Online, Turkey

Relief group calls for help to Pakistan quake survivors: Xinhua, China

UN Foundation establishes earthquake responses fund: Reuters, United Kingdom

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 [top]

Cheney Visiting Quake Victims in Pakistan: ABC News, United States

Earthquake victims and drug dependency: Reuters, United Kingdom

New immunisation campaign kicks off: Reuters, United Kingdom

Cold weather camping gear wanted for Pakistan earthquake victims: Port Townsend Leader, United Kingdom

Pakistan welcomes US$400m assistance: ISN, Switzerland

Monday, December 19, 2005 [top]

Pakistan: 300,000 may die this winter: Channel 4 News, United Kingdom

EC raises aid to 48.6 million euro for Pakistani quake survivors: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

EC pledges more aid for quake relief funds: GEO, Pakistan

Pakistan: Donation for rehabilitation of quake survivors: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Architects Create Animal Shelters in Pakistan's Earthquake Zone: Architectural Record

Sunday, December 18, 2005 [top]

Quake victims in Pakistan need 2 million more blankets: official: People's Daily Online, China

Nato quake relief drive reaches full strength: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Senior UN officials, Ted Turner, inspect relief work in quake-hit area: China Post, Taiwan

Sunday, December 17, 2005 [top]

Groups Race to Deliver Aid in Quake Zone: ABC News, United States

British boxer visits AJK: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Groups Distribute Aid in Quake Zone: Houston Chronicle, United States

Quake aid becomes race against weather: London Free Press, Canada

Sunday, December 16, 2005 [top]

Bush's Dad Named Envoy for Quake Victims: ABC News, United States

Cheney Making Quick Trip to Asia, Mideast: ABC News, United States

Pakistan's agricultural losses from quake exceed $440 million: St. Paul Asian American Press, United States

Sunday, December 15, 2005 [top]

Pararescuemen continue Pakistan humanitarian relief: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Pakistan welcomes UN envoy for earthquake relief: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 [top]

Pakistan quake aid focus below snowline: Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Pakistan: 2.4 Million Blankets Needed: Scoop.co.nz, New Zealand

6.7 quake jolts Pakistan: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 [top]

The Netherlands helping children in Pakistan to go to school: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Powerful earthquake causes panic in South Asia: Sify News, India

Afghan quake damages houses and kills cattle: Swissinfo, Switzerland

Large quake hits Hindu Kush region: CNN News, United States

PM eyes for establishing EDMC in Islamabad: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

Monday, December 12, 2005 [top]

No danger of disease outbreak in Kashmir quake zone: Pravda, Russia

Quake hits Afghan Hindu Kush: ABC News, United States

Woman, buried for 2 months in rubble of quake-stricken building, is rescued: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

WHO DG calls on Prime Minister: Pakistan Link, United States

WHO chief inspects winter preparations: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistan health crisis worsens as winter hits: World Health Organization, Switzerland

Sunday, December 11, 2005 [top]

Dilemma over new quake shelters: BBC News, United Kingdom

Pakistan Receives U.S. Aid as Quake Survivors Face Snowfalls: Bloomberg News, United States

Only a quarter of int'l quake-relief funds have reached Pak so far: Oxfam: Webindia123, India

Cold and fear stalk quake zone: Kashar News, Pakistan

Netherlands to contribute towards education for all in Pakistan: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Aid agency pleads for quake cash: Ottawa Sun, Canada

Quake Victims Grimly Prepare for Winter's Toll, With Shovels: New York Times, United States

Saturday, December 10, 2005 [top]

IoS Appeal: Cold and fear stalk quake zone: Independent, United Kingdom

Aftershocks in Pakistan: Washington Times, United States

Ireland doubles quake aid: Daily Times, Pakistan

UNHCR reinforces winter supplies in quake zone: Kashar News, Pakistan

Duty drawback allowed on relief raw material: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Balochistan to adopt 200 families: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Friday, December 9, 2005 [top]

Earthquake Survivors Prepare for Winter: ABC News, United States

US, Jordan join hand for quake aid delivery: Pakistan Link, United States

Seminar on Earthquake Set in Riyadh: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Hilton Foundation Awards $500,000 to Islamic Relief for Short-Term and Long-Term Shelter for Pakistan Earthquake Victims: Yahoo News, United States

NY paramedics returning to Kashmir: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Netherlands’s Minister arrives to Pakistan: Kashar News, Pakistan

ICRC requests over CHF one billion for its humanitarian operations in 2006: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Thursday, December 8, 2005 [top]

Another disaster awaits Pakistan's quake-hit areas: Hindustan Times, India

Mountain experts deliver food to remote communities: Reuters, United Kingdom

400,000 houses needed in quake-zone: Daily Times, Pakistan

16000 shelters constructed so far in high altitude affected areas - ISPR: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Indo-Pak hockey for charity: Rediff, India

UNICEF: Turin charity concert for Pakistan: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Italy

Radio to raise health awareness among quake survivors: Reuters, United Kingdom

Airlifting food supplies still a challenge: UN: Gulf Times, Qatar

Huge rebuilding task looms in Kashmir: Seattle Post Intelligencer, United States

Pakistan to hold meeting on trauma counseling for quake-hit people: People's Daily, China

UN ready to brave the cold in quake-hit areas: Daily Times, Pakistan

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 [top]

UNICEF distributes clothes in quake: Boston Globe, United States

UNICEF renews its fight against measles: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Norwegian PM urges Int’l community to speed up relief assistance to avert second wave of deaths: PakTribune, Pakistan

Pakistan Provides Temporary Shelter to 50,000 Quake Victims: Bloomberg News, United States

GSK donates 345,000 Hepatitis-A vaccine for quake victims: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Quake survivors take over zoo bird cages: INQ7.net, Philippines

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 [top]

New lakes in Pakistani quake zone endanger thousands: Boston Globe, United States

UNICEF fears increased child labour in quake area: Reuters, United Kingdom

PIDC okays Rs 200 million for Skill Development Centres in quake-hit areas: Daily Times, Pakistan

Stoltenberg visits Pakistan: Aftenposten, Norway

Pakistan, Norway agree to enhance people-to-people contact: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

World must do more for Pakistan: Norway PM: The Peninsula, Qatar

Norwegian PM arrives quake-hit Pakistani regions: Pravda, Russia

Three primary healthcare units to be set up in Muzaffarabad: ReliefWEb, Switzerland

An insider's look at the quake: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

World Food Program Using Mountaineers: AP News, United States

Death, destruction and bewilderment: Buck Free Press, United Kingdom

Mountaineers needed to deliver quake aid in Himalayas: USA Today, United States

Monday, December 5, 2005 [top]

S'pore to help set up 3 healthcare units in quake-hit Muzaffarabad: Channel News Asia, Singapore

DART helps quake afectees: ReliefWeb Switzerland

DART members return to Gagetown, CBC New Brunswick, Canada

U.S. troops help Asian earthquake victims: Boston Globe, United States

Pakistan quake children vaccinated after measles outbreak: TODAYonline, Singapore

Pakistan protects quake orphans, destitute women: Reuters, United Kingdom

450 tents, 4,000 blankets provided to quake-hit districts: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Earthquake heartbreak: Buck Free Press, United Kingdom

Quake affectees to receive food relief until April 2006: Executive Director WFP: PakTribune, Pakistan

Sunday, December 4, 2005 [top]

Kuwait to supply Pakistan with oil on soft terms: Xinhua, China

Measles in quake camp: Daily Times, Pakistan

Norwegian Prime Minister due on December 5: Pakistan Link, CA, United States

U.N. food group running out of money: WebIndia123, India

NATO delivers 2,300 tons tents, blankets in 145 flights: Pakistan Link, CA, United States

Far from Europe, NATO tests mettle in a disaster relief role in Pakistan: Ottawa Citizen, Canada

U.N. food group running out of money: United Press International, United States

Saturday, December 3, 2005 [top]

Losing the race in Pakistan: With post-quake aid lagging, millions stare down death as winter comes: Newsday, NY, United States

DART 'did a lot of good' in Pakistan: CBC News, Ottawa, Canada

NATO to begin clearing Kashmir quake rubble next week: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

WFP seeks helicopters to reach victims: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

UN agency seeks urgent Pakistan aid money: ABC Online, Australia

UN pleads for more Pakistan funds: BBC News, United Kingdom

Quake survivors need more help: WFP: The Age, Australia

Food available but problems getting it to quake survivors: Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand

Friday, December 2, 2005 [top]

Analysis: Pakistan loans may harm: United Press International, United States

Quake-hit Indian Kashmiris fear death in tents as snow falls: AP News, United States

Aid Workers: Pakistan Tents Insufficient: ABC News, United States

Pakistani Soldiers Build Quake Shelters: ABC News, United States

Pakistan army constructs 30,000 shelter homes for quake survivors: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Pakistan: Italian engineers to join NATO forces in Kashmir: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Thursday, December 1, 2005 [top]

Quake survivors ask aid for flu, pneumonia: San Jose Mercury News, United States

More quake survivors seek treatment: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Hundreds more earthquake survivors seek treatment: Ireland Online, Ireland

Concert at Royal Albert Hall to raise money for quake victims: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Winter trebles illnesses in quake-hit areas: Daily Times, Pakistan

Fresh quake jolts Pakistan: Gulf Daily News, Bahrain

KRCS to obtain two mobile hospitals for aid in Pakistan: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Cold intensify as survivors fear for future in quake camps: GEO, Pakistan

US Marines treat 2,000th patient in quake zone: Ireland Online, Ireland

British MPs take interest in Sponsorship Scheme in quake hit areas: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Kuwait makes USD 3 million donation to UN organizations for quake victims: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 [top]

Earthquake survivors in Pakistan and India receive additional aid from ERD: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Pakistan: hundreds of pneumonia cases reported in quake-hit areas: AKI, Italy

Pneumonia cases soar in earthquake-hit zone: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Ireland: County-wide appeal launched for victims of Pakistan earthquake: Roscommon Herald, Ireland

Bosnians donate 400,000 Euros worth medicines, relief goods for quake victims: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Harsh winter hits PoK, 8 killed: NDTV News, India

US military hospital treats 2,000th patient: Pakistan Link, United States

More winterised shelter needed urgently in quake zone: Reuters, United Kingdom

New quake patients pour into hospitals: Reuters, United Kingdom

US 250th flight with relief goods arrives in Pakistan: PakTribune, Pakistan

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 [top]

Survivors of the Pakistani earthquake left to die of cold: The Independent: United Kingdom

Two die of cold; helicopters resume aid flights: Dawn, Pakistan

The Kashmir earthquake: Failures on the road to disaster: The Independent: United Kingdom

Cold snap torments quake zone: Taipei Times, Taiwan

China calls for int'l aid to post-quake Pakistan against freezing: Xinhua, China

Three Turkish aid workers injured in fire in Pakistan: Xinhua, China

US assures full support in relief: Dawn, Pakistan

High risk of tent fires among quake survivors: Spero News, United States

UN calls for more aid for Kashmir quake-zone: National Post, Canada

300,000 homeless as winter approaches in post-earthquake Himalayan regions: Indiana Daily Student, United States

UPS Donates $2 Million to Pakistan and India Earthquake Surivors: Spotlighting News, United States

Pakistan: 533056 tents provided to quake survivors: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Monday, November 28, 2005 [top]

Kashmir winter claims first quake survivor: Boston Globe, United States

Winter claims lives of quake survivors: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Pakistan: NATO air capability to be used for providing shelter, food up in mountains: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Musharraf urges volunteers to help quake survivors: Pakistan Link, California, United States

UNICEF gives Rs. 493 million for repair of AJK rural water and sanitation systems: International News Network, Pakistan

Sunday, November 27, 2005 [top]

As ravages of winter set in, race is on to provide food and shelter for survivors: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Rain, snow halt relief efforts in Kashmir: USA Today, United States

Imminent snow raises fears for survivors: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Prof, students raise disaster aid funds: The Forum, United States

Money for quake survivors is running out: Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Pakistan: Around Rs. 8 billion distributed among earthquake victims - Relief Commissioner: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Saturday, November 26, 2005 [top]

Heavy rain, light snow add to misery of quake survivors in Pakistan: China Post, Taiwan

Over 4,700 shelters to be readied soon: ISPR: Dawn, Pakistan

Brad Pitt donates 40 beds to Pims: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Guterres, Jolie pledge support for Pakistan "in time of suffering": Pakistan Link, California, United States

Bush calls for help to quake victims: Dawn, Pakistan

Only one Balakot building survives earthquake: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Friday, November 25, 2005 [top]

PM offers more support for earthquake relief effort: Press release: DirectGov, 10 Downing Street, United Kingdom

Britain to give extra £25m for Pakistan quake relief: The Independent, United Kingdom

UNHCR thanks Turkey for aid contribution to Pakistan: Turkish Daily News, Turkey

German tents "a godsend'' for quake-hit Pakistan: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Quake aid pledges must be met fast: Jolie: Reuters, United Kingdom

Jolie and Pitt visit quake-hit areas: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Ben flies to quake zone to find families: Ealing Times, United Kingdom

Cooperation in Neelum Valley reaps rewards for villagers and aid organizations: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

U.N. Pleads for Pakistan Relief Aid: Washington Post, United States

Fears rise for 40,000 in quake mountains: The Standard, Hong Kong

Nato troops find children’s bodies in rubble: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

NATO forces to stay in quake-hit Pakistan for 90 days: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Pakistan foreign reserves decline by $ 19.6 m: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

UN worries for mountain survivors: BBC News, United Kingdom

'Adopt a village' programme in quake zone: Reuters, United Kingdom

SA team back from Pakistan: Independent Online, South Africa

A lifeline for quake survivors: Boston Globe, United States

Life among the ruins in Pakistan: Newsday, United States

Pakistan earthquake: reflections of a correspondent: ABC Online, Australia

Allai survivors determined to brave winter in mountains: Reuters, United Kingdom

Religious community rallies for Pakistan quake relief: San Jose Mercury News, United States

Thursday, November 24, 2005 [top]

Indonesia's navy to hold biggest-ever exercise near disputed island with Malaysia: Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Muzaffarabad braces for 40,000 more quake survivors: CBC Calgary, Canada

PM to discuss quake disaster at C’wealth summit: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Angelina Jolie visits UNHCR for briefings on earthquake operation and other refugee issues: Reuters, United Kingdom

Jolie visits quake-ravaged Pakistan: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Australia pledges $37 million more: Daily Times, Pakistan

Bush releases additional $5 million more funds for Pakistan: Pak Tribune, Pakistan

Pakistan''s Musharraf to pay two-day visit to Kuwait: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Pakistan winter quake tragedy must be averted: UN: Swissinfo, Switzerland

U.N. refugee chief visits quake: San Jose Mercury News, United States

Pakistan Army to construct complex of 100 houses in Bagh: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

UN refugee chief concerned about quake survivors: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 [top]

U.S. Company Donates Extreme Weather Shelter To Earthquake Survivors: Embassy of the United States, Pakistan

Jolie, Pitt head to Pakistan for Thanksgiving: Ireland Online, Ireland

Jolie and Pitt team up for new UN mission: Independent Online, South Africa

Australian PM visits Pak's quake-hit areas: The Times of India, India

Australia PM to visit Pakistan quake area, increase aid: Forbes, United States

Australia hopeful of Kashmir settlement: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Reconstruction to begin next week: Daily Times, Pakistan

US volunteers find Pakistan more friendly than feared: Christian Science Monitor, United States

Team from Maine recalls devastation in Pakistan: Foster's Daily Democrat, United States

Kuwaiti aid arrives to remote mountain villages in Pakistan: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Tents not enough for quake survivors, says IOM: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Pakistan: 2618 shelters constructed by Army in quake-hit areas: ISPR: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Pakistan Donors Conference Yields Expansive Pledges, but Church World Service Voices Concern Over Debt Burden of "Soft Loans": Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan boosts quake compensation: Taipei Times, Taiwan

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 [top]

Rehabilitation a major challenge, says IOM: Daily Times, Pakistan

New NW team sets off to help in Pakistan: The Oregonian, United States

UK helicopters complete major aid drop: Reuters, United Kingdom

Caring for Kashmir: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Illegal scrap dealers pore over quake debris in northern Pakistan despite ban: The China Post, Taiwan

Pakistan quake photo exhibit kicks off at Artists Forum: MehrNews.com, Iran

Refugee chief to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

Time runs out for animal survivors of Pakistan quake: Boston Globe, United States

Relief aid increased to Rs 80b: Daily Times, Pakistan

Human trafficking a threat to Pakistan quake survivors: CBC News, Canada

Aid agencies fear human traffickers in quake zone: Peninsula On-line, Qatar

Monday, November 21, 2005 [top]

Thousands of quake survivors still trapped in remote valleys: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan quake: Morocco pledges $1.5 Mn to help victims: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Donors Pledge $6Bln for Pakistan: The Moscow Times, Russia

Pakistan: LOC should be demilitarized, says premier: AKI, Italy

Tents sent to quake-hit Pakistan not fit for harsh winter, says IOM: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

UN-Habitat launches quake shelter programme: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan fears human traffickers in quake zone: ABC News, United States

Across the great divide: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistan Needs Big Transport Helicopters: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Plays Leading Role in Providing Relief: Middle East North Africa Financial Network, Jordan

UN warns of quake 'toxic waste': BBC News, United Kingdom

Sunday, November 20, 2005 [top]

Pledges Exceed Goal for Pakistan Quake Aid: The New York Times, United States

Pakistan: $5.4B in Quake Aid Raised: Washington Post, United States

Pledges top Pakistan's earthquake aid goal: International Herald Tribune, France

Quake pledges exceed aid target: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Kenya

Relief for Pakistan urgent: Annan: Taipei Times, Taiwan

China announces US$300 mln concessional loan for Pakistan's reconstruction: People's Daily Online, China

Canada gives another $500Gs: Ottawa Sun, Canada

Canada contributing another $500,000 in earthquake aid for Pakistan: Macleans, Canada

Real success lies in materialization of reconstruction, rehabilitation process: Shaukat: PakTribune.com, Pakistan

Quake victims welcome aid pledges: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Border opens as quake cash pledged: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Saturday, November 19, 2005 [top]

Pakistan: $5.4B in Quake Aid Raised: Washington Post, United States

Donors’ conference opens in Islamabad: GEO, Pakistan

Singapore pledges US$300,000 to help rebuild quake-hit Pakistan: Channel News Asia, Singapore

Archbishop of Canterbury to visit quake-hit Pakistan: Ekklesia, United Kingdom

Iran to open $200m credit for rehabilitation of Pakistan's quake-hit areas: Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran

UAE will continue to provide assistance to Pakistan: Al Kabi: WAM - Emirates News Agency, United Arab Emirates

UAE will play greater role in reconstruction: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

China announces $300 mln loan for Pakistan's reconstruction: Xinhua, China

Britain pledges $164m in quake aid: Daily Telegraph, Australia

India, Pakistan open Kashmir frontier: San Jose Mercury News, United States

U.N.: Help Pakistan!: United Press International, United States

Faisal briefs Italian minister on earthquake: Kashar News, Pakistan

USAID Administrator Natsios Tours Pakistan Earthquake Areas, Promises Continued U.S. Support for Survivors: USAID, United States

ADB announces $1 bn relief aid for Pak: The Times of India, India

India, Pakistan open frontier in landmark event: Chicago Sun-Times, United States

President of Azerbaijan discusses relief activities with Musharraf: International News Network, Pakistan

BSF and Pak Rangers resolve to ensure peace: The Hindu, India

India reaffirms 25 million dollars pledge for quake-hit Pakistan: New Kerala, India

US assures Pakistan of full support for Donors’ Conference: Daily Times, Pakistan

Asian aid bank to make $1 bln available for quake: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistani tour 'impresses, depresses' Annan: ABC News, Australia

Earthquake in Pakistan as one of the largest humanitarian tragedies: Annan: People's Daily, China

Friday, November 18, 2005 [top]

Annan visits Pak's quake-hit regions: The Times of India

Prince Rashid Leaves for Pakistan: Jordan News Agency (Petra), Jordan

World Bank Endorses $5.2 Billion Rebuilding Estimate: AKI, Italy

Pakistan will continue its front line ally role: Musharraf: PakTribune, Pakistan

U.N. chief sees needs of quake zone: Reuters, United Kingdom

Winter in Kashmir: Washington Post, United States

NATO/UNHCR airlift from Turkey to Pakistan ends after 103 flights: Reuters, United Kingdom

Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner to visit Pakistan 18-19 November 2005:
EUROPA, Belgium

Hopes of grants, soft loans for reconstruction: Donor conference today: Dawn, Pakistan

A lot more needed, says Annan: Relief and reconstruction: Dawn, Pakistan

Annan urges world to donate generously: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistani minister thanks Svoboda for Czech aid: Czech Happenings, Czech Republic

Emergency not over for quake victims; donors prepare for Pakistan conference: ABC News, United States

Kuwait''s flag flies high over devastated Pakistan: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Pakistan earthquake survivors: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Last chance to avert second-wave of deaths in Pakistan: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Thursday, November 17, 2005 [top]

120 tons of aid delivered to Leepa: Dawn, Pakistan

Annan seeks more aid for Pakistan quake survivors: Xinhua, China

Kofi Annan arrives today:
Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistan panel formed to ensure aid transparency: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Susilo to visit Pakistan, India after APEC summit: Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Musharraf pleads for quake cash: Financial Times, United Kingdom

Quake opportunity to forge closer ties, resolve Kashmir: Rediff, India

UN, Britain launch quake airlift: Daily Telegraph, Australia

US wants better industrial ties with Pakistan: Daily Times, Pakistan

Germany pledges 44 million euros for quake-hit Pakistan: Bahrain News Agency

Fifth point along LoC opened: Dawn, Pakistan

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 [top]

Musharraf appeals for 5.2 billion dollars in quake aid: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Quake aid integral to terrorism fight: Musharraf: ABC Online, Australia

British copters begin Pakistan flights to rush aid to quake victims: China Daily, China

Fifth Kashmir border point opens: BBC News, United Kingdom

Shelters for High Altitude Quake Victims: Top Scoops Independent News, New Zealand

Belarus to send humanitarian aid to Pakistan: National Legal Internet Portal, Belarus

Omar, Mehbooba, Mirwaiz agree for a rally in support of peace: The Hindu, India

India and Pakistan should ease travel restrictions, says Mirwaiz: Daily Times, Pakistan

UNDP chief admits "difficulties" in raising Pakistan earthquake aid: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Key gender issues in the South Asia earthquake response: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

President appeals for generosity at aid meet: Gulf Times, Qatar

$60,000 For Pakistan Quake Victims: Bru Direct, Brunei Darussalam

Cherie Blair makes plea for Pakistan aid: GG2 News, United Kingdom

Quake victims taught to build shelters from ruins: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Thailand joins Pakistan earthquake aid donors' conference: Bangkok Post, Thailand

Rehabilitation of quake victims a big challenge: Musharraf: International News Network, Pakistan

KRCS inspects Balakot refugee camp in Pakistan: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Pakistan, Germany to hold negotiations on a multi-million aid package for quake affectees: International News Network, Pakistan

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 [top]

Data standardisation to improve quake relief coordination: Reuters, United Kingdom

NZ Red Cross team depart for Pakistan: The Scoop Independent News, New Zealand

Pakistan wants all LoC crossing points open seven days a week: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Pakistan: from ‘Quake Jumpers’ to relay trucks, UN rushes in relief as snows fall: UN News Centre, NY, United States

Kashmir aid airlifts in race against time: The Standard, Hong Kong

Injured Pakistani quake survivors finally get help: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

Pakistan Earthquake Survivors Face Shortfall in Aid, Oxfam Says: Bloomberg News, United States

Economy will survive devastation, says PM: Gulf Times, Qatar

Quake relief from Indian business reaches Pakistan: Newindpress, India

RNA relief for Pak quake victims: Kantipur, Nepal

Relief efforts in quake-hit Pakistan gave vital lessons: The Peninsula, Qatar

US business leaders, envoy visit Pakistan quake zone: NewKerala.com, India

Kindness wears out in quake ruins: Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Facing Winter, Pakistan Earthquake Victims Struggle to Survive: Environment News Service, United States

Free calls to UK for quake victims of Pakistan: Pakistan Times, Pakistan

Compassion fatigue leaves quake victims out in the cold: Guardian, United Kingdom

India, Pakistan open fourth Kashmir crossing: Times of Oman, Oman

Quake won’t hurt Pakistan’s growth: Daily Times, Pakistan

Monday, November 14, 2005 [top]

Quake Zone Doctors Say Vaccine Running Low: ABC News, United States

Nurse to aid Pakistan quake victims: Wanganui Chronicle, New Zealand

Stranded travelers return from Pakistan: San Jose Mercury News, United States

UN ramps up airlift for Pakistan quake survivors: NewKerala, India

South asian quake: fourth crossing on LOC opened: AKI, Italy

NATO set up winter shelters to Pakistan quake victims: Pravda, Russia

A snapshot of aid and impediments high in the Himalaya: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan, India open 4th Kashmir crossing point: People's Daily, China

Pakistan recruits volunteers for rebuilding quake-hit areas: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Pakistan Needs $5.2 Billion to Rebuild Area Affected by Quake: Bloomberg News, United States

US business leaders, envoy visit Pakistan quake zone: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan calls for sustained help: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Vaccination drive targets 800,000: Gulf Daily News, Bahrain

U.N. ramps up airlift for Pakistan quake survivors: Reuters, United Kingdom

Howard to visit Pakistan for quake talks: The Age, Australia

Australian PM assures Musharraf of full support for quake victims: PakTribune, Pakistan

day, November 13, 2005 [top]

Kuwait's relief aid to Pakistan touches scores of families: Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait

Australian troops help quake victims: Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia

UAE major contributor in Pakistan's nationwide immunization campaign: WAM - Emirates News Agency, United Arab Emirates

A Wave of Aid That Doesn't Match the Disaster: Washington Post, United States

Immunizations Begin for 800,000 Children in Quake-Stricken Pakistan: Voice of America, United States

Congress approves $698m for Pakistan: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

UN starts immunising Pakistan's quake children: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

More than 400 cases of watery diarrhoea in quake camp: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan to appeal for $5bn: Musharraf: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Saturday, November 12, 2005 [top]

Pakistan relief camp benefits from Korean cuisine: Pakistan Link, United States

LoC opened at third point: Deccan Herald, India

Third quake-relief point across LoC opens: Xinhua, China

Pakistan seeks quake volunteers: CNN International, United States

UN races to immunize 800,000 kids: Taipei Times, Taiwan

Friday, November 11, 2005 [top]

LoC opening will help peace process, says scholar: Webindia123, India

U.N. immunizes kids in Pakistan quake zone: Boston Globe, United States

World Bank sanctions more money for relief in Pakistan: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistan: with winter raising disease risk, UN quake appeal faces huge shortfall: UN Press Release, NY, United States

First Seconds of Earthquakes Tell All: Discovery News, United States

Donors: Pakistan needs $5.2 billion: Reuters, United Kingdom

ASIA EARTHQUAKE: Pakistan; India; Afghanistan: Islamic Relief, United Kingdom

Thursday, November 10, 2005 [top]

Mental Trauma Widespread in Quake Zone: ABC News, United States

Pakistan death toll from earthquake more than 86,000: Minister: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Stay or go; Pakistani quake villagers' wintry dilemma: Boston Globe, United States

Pakistan: UN reports urgent need for female doctors in quake relief: UN News Centre, NY, United States

Vigil held to raise awareness for earthquake victims: Imprint, Canada

China offers quake-hit Pakistan 26-million-US-dollar aid: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 [top]

Pakistanis in U.S. Helping Quake Victims: ABC News, United States

India's quake aid reaches Pakistan-controlled Kashmir after opening of second: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Serious diarrhoea outbreaks hit quake survivors' camps in Pakistan, UN reports: UN News Centre, NY, United States

Quake's First Seconds May Affect Strength: Washington Post, United States

Survey: Quake 'strongholds' fail test: Asahi Shimbun, Japan

Quake's First Seconds May Affect Strength: ABC News, United States

Pakistan to help quake-hit orphans: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Diarrhea hits Pakistan quake survivors: Hilton Head Island Packet, SC, United States

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 [top]

Shangai: One of Several Camps to Emerge Since the Earthquake: Concern Worldwide, United States

A Month After Quake, Misery Still Ahead: ABC News, United States

Cautious optimism for Pakistan quake survivors: Reuters, United Kingdom

Diarrhea outbreak hits quake survivors: Boston Globe, United States

Q&A with CRS shelter expert responding to Pakistan quake: Architect & innovator works to protect millions: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

Relief pace still slow a month after quake: Fresno Bee, CA, United States

Monday, November 7, 2005 [top]

Kashmir border opened for quake aid: Japan Today, Japan

Death toll in Asian quake surpasses 87,000: Boston Globe, United States

India and Pakistan open Kashmir border: International Herald Tribune, France

Pakistan, India Exchange Aid at Border: ABC News, United States

Relief workers battle as winter descends: Reuters, United Kingdom

Plummeting temperatures threaten lives of survivors one month after the earthquake in Pakistan: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

U.N., Red Cross say cash crisis hits quake relief: Reuters, United Kingdom

In pictures: Kashmir opening: BBC News, United Kingdom

Kasuri asks IFRC to help in building capacity in artificial limbs technology: Pakistan Link, California, United States

Sunday, November 6, 2005 [top]

Landslides triggered by aftershock in Pakistan: CTV.ca, Canada

Relief centers ready at 5 crossing points of LOC; Opening of LOC to strengthen relationship: PM Shaukat: PakTribune, Pakistan

Only one Kashmir crossing open for relief on Monday: Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Glitches Delay Kashmir Border Crossing: ABC News, United States

Pakistan completes arrangements to open LoC at five points: Xinhua, China

Pakistan, India prepare symbolic Kashmir opening: Reuters, United Kingdom

India-Pakistan effort on quake relief falters: Seattle Times, United States

Aftershock jolts Pakistan:
Scotsman, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 5, 2005 [top]

Land mines and snow hit quake aid: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Laudable Decision: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Quake victims threatened by snow, Independent Online, South Africa

Nation celebrated Eid with solemnity, simplicity in Pakistan: Pakistan Times, Pakistan

Continue Donations For Pakistan Quake Victims: Bernama, Malaysia

Disease may hit Pakistan shelters: DeHavilland, United Kingdom

Battle to avert more deaths in quake-hit Pakistan: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistan delays buying F-16s to fund quake aid: Boston Globe, United States

Winter's threat: Channel 4 News, United Kingdom

Charity warns over quake homeless: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Malaysian PM urges people to continue to help Pakistan quake victims: Xinhua, China

Pakistan President calls bias over inadequate relief assistance: ABC Online, Australia

Musharraf visits earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan: People's Daily Online, China

Reconstruction Top Priority: Pakistan to postpone F-16s Purchase: Pakistan Times, Pakistan

Pakistan postpones purchase of fighter jets from U.S.: Japan Today, Japan

Pakistan Prez: My People Continue Out in the Cold v/v Life-Saving Aid: Prensa Latina, Cuba

Pakistan delays F16 deal to help victims: The Independent, United Kingdom

Pakistan Accuses the World of Double Standards: Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey

World’s largest copter deployed for Pakistan quake relief operations: NewKerala.com, India

Pakistan president hits out over aid shortage: Radio New Zealand, New Zealand

Friday, November 4, 2005 [top]

Finnish tents and heaters delivered to Pakistan: Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

China sends 137 tons relief materials to earthquake-hit Pakistan: Xinhua, China

Pakistan: A Day in Chakothi: The American National Red Cross, United States

Don't forget the children of Pakistan: Toronto Star, Canada

Chinese tents popular, bring warmth to survivors in quake-hit Pakistan: Xinhua, China

Quake survivors gather in rubble for prayers: Mail&Guardian, United Kingdom

More than 57,000 dead in Pak quake: PM: The Times of India, India

Pakistan: Children - the primary demographic in need: ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland

Red Cross Races to Deliver Aid in Pakistan as Winter Approaches: The American Red Cross, United States

Musharraf Postpones F-16 Purchase to Provide More Quake Relief: VOA
News, United States

Pakistan's earthquake deaths rise: Detroit Free Press, United States

Kashmir crossing points to open: CNN News, United States

Sick with shame at quake horrors:
CNN News, United States

NATO, UN Will Expand Earthquake Aid Airlift in North Pakistan: Bloomberg News, United States

WFP deploys world's largest helicopter for Pakistan quake relief: ReliefWeb, United States

Transport shortage hampers relief: Many villages still cut off: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Pakistan Needs 200,000 Tents for Earthquake Survivors, UN Says: Bloomberg News, United States

Thursday, November 3, 2005 [top]

US tells Pakistan: 'We'll help you rebuild': IC Wales, United Kingdom

Delays in opening Kashmir border: BBC News, United Kingdom

Quake death toll now 73 000: News24, South Africa

China`s support for quake victims source of strength for Pakistanis: Shaukat: PakTribune, Pakistan

FinnChurchAid to send Boeing 747 full of aid to Pakistan: Newsroom Finland, Finland

Earthquake toll leaps to 73,000: BBC News, United Kingdom

Official Death Toll in Pakistan Quake 73,276: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

PM thanks China for quake relief: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

Pakistan increases earthquake death toll:
Independent Online, South Africa

Wednesday, November 2, 2005 [top]

Pakistan seeks more medical aid as quake toll rises: Reuters, United Kingdom

Musharraf seeks sustained international support: Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan

LoC will open for divided families only: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistan in quake aid plea as toll hits 73,000: Telegraph, United Kingdom

Open Border May Spur India-Pakistan Commerce: Bloomberg News, United States

Resilience among ruins of Muzaffarabad: BBC News, United Kingdom

Quake victims need our immediate help to prevent second wave of death: ReliefWeb, Switzerland

U.S. to continue helicopter relief missions through winter in Pakistan: Pravda, Russia

Daily Times, Pakistan: Daily Times, Pakistan

IRC's Child Friendly Spaces Provide Safety and Solace for Pakistani Children: Reuters, United Kingdom

Winter Countdown: Islamabad erects new relief camps: Taipei Times, Taiwan

Weather threatens more misery for Pakistan quake survivors: Ireland Online, Ireland

Photo journal: Return to Uri village: BBC News, United Kingdom

Worsening weather increases woes of Pak quake survivors: Deccan Herald, India

Pakistanis pledge special steps for quake crossings: Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

U.S. to Keep Flying Quake Relief Missions: Guardian Unlimited, United Kingdom

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 [top]

US admiral aboard mercy flight for Pakistani baby:
ABC News, United States

UN provides more tents to quake survivors: Independent Online, South Africa

US will continue helping quake victims: Abizaid: Daily Times, Pakistan

Moving mountains: Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt

Quake: Man saved after 21 days: News24, South Africa

Malnutrition set to kill more in Pak quake zone: WFP: Bangladesh Today, Bangladesh

Quake 'claimed 17,000 children' : BBC News, United Kingdom

Children at centre of World Vision's long-term work in Pakistan: Reuters, United Kingdom

Crossing deal brings relief on both sides of Kashmir: ABS CBN News, Philippines

The other beneficiaries of quake relief: The Guardian, United Kingdom

Minor quake in Mugu: Nepal News, Nepal

Indo-Pak cooperation in Kashmir: The Daily Star, Bangladesh

Musharraf wants troops out of quake-hit Kashmir: Khaleej Times, UAE

5 points on LoC to be opened: Deccan Herald, India

Qazi for Kashmir demilitarisation: Daily Times, Pakistan

Pakistani army sets up relief camps on Kashmir border; NATO team arrives:
CBC News, Canada

Pakistanis pledge special steps for quake crossings: Reuters, United Kingdom

Monday, October 31, 2005 [top]

Three weeks after Pakistani quake, 200,000 victims have yet to receive
aid – UN:
UN News Centre

The other beneficiaries of quake relief: The Guardian Unlimited, UK

Severe cold adds to misery of quake victims in Muzaffarabad, Balakot:
Geo News, Pakistan

World aid pours in for quake-hit Pakistan: Khaleej Times, UAE

Pakistanis pledge special steps for quake crossings: Reuters, UK

Cash crisis for quake helicopters: BBC News, United Kingdom

Pakistani Army Sets Up Quake Relief Camps: ABC News, United States

UN provides more tents to quake survivors: Independent Online, South Africa

Kashmir border opens for quake relief: Telegraph, United Kingdom

Rashid calls LoC opening a good sign: Daily Times, Pakistan

Relief workers hail frontier deal: Scotsman, United Kingdom

Quake survivors face long wait in Neelum valley: Dawn, Pakistan

Relief workers and earthquake survivors welcome agreement to open disputed frontier in Kashmir: San Diego Union Tribune, United States

Sanday, October 30, 2005 [top]

India, Pakistan agree on plan to speed aid to quake victims: Boston Globe, United States

Aftershocks rattle Pakistan: Daily Times, Pakistan

For first time in 58 years, Kashmiri border to open: International Herald Tribune, France

UN raises aid appeal for Pakistani quake victims in race against time: Middle East Times, Egypt

WRAPUP 4-UN hails quake relief accord, but huge job remains: Reuters, United Kingdom

Pakistani Premiere Shaukhat Aziz in Seoul: The Seoul Times, Korea

Kashmiri villagers in the dark about plans to open border: Daily Times, Pakistan

U.S. moves to aid quake victims, win favor: The Miami Herald, United States

Line of Control set to be relaxed: Taipei Times, Taiwan

UN warns money for quake relief running out: The Globe and Mail, Canada

Kashmir Border to Be Opened for Quake Aid: New York Times, United States

Kashmir quake victims get new hope: Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Saturday, October 29, 2005 [top]

$250 million urgently needed to avert massive death wave: Business Recorder, Pakistan

F.M. Denktas Returns From Pakistan: TurkishPress.com, Michigan

More than 3,500 quake victims treated at Jordanian field hospital: The Jordan Times, Jordan

Pakistan Earthquake Response: Direct Relief International, United States

Ukraine to rush mobile hospital, supplies to stricken Pakistan areas: Ukrainian Journal, Ukraine

On the Record: More sources should be generated for relief work: Daily Times, Pakistan

World ignores stricken Pakistan's plight: Taipei Times, Taiwan

Pakistan Earthquake 2005: pakquake.com

EU Commission proposes more aid for Pakistan: Aftenposten, Norway

Turkey pledges US$150 million for Pakistan quake relief: Khaleej Times, UAE

Quake: India, Pakistan start talks on opening border:
Mail and Guardian, South Africa

Pakistan, India discuss opening LOC to quake victims: Bangkok Post, Thailand

Indian team arrives for LoC talks: Dawn, Pakistan

Pakistan: indian government team arrive for talks on border opening: AKI, Italy

Cuba calls for aid to Pakistan earthquake victims: Granma International, Cuba

Quake survivors grow restless on Kashmir border: Reuters, United Kingdom

U.N. Warns Funds Drying Up for Quake Aid: ABC News, United States

Friday, October 28, 2005 [top]

'Catastrophe looms large' as winter threatens new peril in quake zone: Chicago Sun-Times, United States

Winter poses Perils: UN doubles aid for Pakistan Quake Victims: Pakistan Times, Pakistan

Helicopters may soon be grounded in Pakistan: Ninemsn, Australia, Australia

Desperate struggle as winter sets in: China Daily, China

Winter threat to quake survivors: CNN News, United States

Musharraf wants APC on relief: Dawn, Pakistan

U.N. Warns of Another Crisis in Pakistan: ABC News, United States

No quick cash for UN quake fundraiser: TVNZ, New Zealand

Rushing succour to S Asia’s quake-ravaged corners: The Independent, Bangladesh

Rich hear plea to help avert greater disaster: The Standard, Hong Kong

Thursday, October 27, 2005 [top]

Tetanus kills 30 quake victims in Pindi hospitals: Geo News, Pakistan

Chinese PM outlines 5-point plan for rehabilitation of quake victims: Dawn, Pakistan

Hundreds of thousands children at risk in quake zone: Geo News, Pakistan

Annan says quake shows need for global fund: New Zealand Herald

$525 million pledged to Pakistan after U.N. fund drive: Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Oxfam criticizes rich for slow Pakistan response: Reuters, UK

UN calls for £310m to stop second wave of death in quake-hit Pakistan: Guardian, UK

Help quake victims: The Nation, Bangladesh

A global ministerial meeting is due to open in Geneva: Radio Australia, Australia

More quick aid needed: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Fair weather window fast closing: Khaleej Times, UAE

Rich nations are accused of giving 'nothing': The Independent, UK

UAE team arrives to assess needs: Gulf News, UAE

Quake aid: 'It is urgent and it is desperate': Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa

Rich nations 'failed' on quake aid: CNN International

UN doubles aid for Pakistan recovery: Xinhua News Agency, China

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 [top]

Disease warning network established: IRIN News, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Australia increases quake aid: MidDay, Australia

Only 90 mln dlr. pledged before UN donor conference on Pakistan's earthquake: People's Daily, China

Musharraf says quake losses to top $5 bln: Geo News, UAE

Pakistan hopes to rebuild hit areas in 5 years: Kasuri: The Frontier
Post, Pakistan

UN warns of death traps in quake zone: Geo New, UAE

In their hour of need, Pakistanis unite: Gulf News, UAE

PM: No volcanic activity in Alai, blasts due to trap gases: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Spanish firemen begin operation: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Rs 3 billion micro-credits to help rehabilitate quake victims: Business Recorder, Pakistan

Crossborder relief still a chimera: Deccan Herald, India

Little cash received from world donors so far: Geo News, UAE

Indian team due on Friday for LoC talks: Dawn, Pakistan

Kashmir Quake Relief Delayed as India, Pakistan Debate Cross-Border

Cooperation: Voice of America, US

British amateurs help quake survivors: Guardian, UK

NA demands more foreign aid for quake affectees: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Pakistan warns on quake cost: Financial Times, UK

Indian troops setting up relief camps for Pak. quake victims: The Hindu, India

Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalakot and Balakot to be made modern cities, says Gen Zubair: Pakistan Link, California, USA

Border bridge to camps: The Telegraph, India

Muzaffarabad to Chakoti road still block: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

LoC access talks on Saturday: The Statesman, India

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 [top]

Families lament Kashmiri delays: BBC News, UK

Breaching Asia’s Berlin wall: Khaleej Times: Soudi Arabia

India and Pakistan finally co-operate as strong aftershock hits: Independent, UK

Pak awaiting Indian response on LoC proposals: Sify, India

Quake puts pressure on Kashmir fault line: The International Herald Tribune, France

India to send team of senior officials to Pak within a week: Outlook, India

Pakistan, India to Discuss Quake Relief Cooperation: Moskow Times, Russia

Quake diplomacy new for India, Pakistan: Mercury News, California

Three border camps on LoC 'operational': Pranab: Express India, India

Monday, October 24, 2005 [top]

Annan pleads for more quake aid: CNN News, USA

Pakistan's friends and foes urge more quake aid: Reuters, UK

Indians prepare to assist quake survivors from Pakistan: Dawn, Pakistan

Massive Response to Telethon: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Qaida cry for Pak quake aid - From Asia to America, nature’s fury roars across continents: The Telegraph, Calcutta

Extremist measures: The Guardian Unlimited, UK

China to help develop quake monitoring network: Jang Group of Newspapers, Pakistan

New shocks hit earthquake region: The Australian

Huge challenges remain as post-earthquake relief operations in pakistan enters second week: UN News Centre, NY, United States

Quake update: Helicopters on way: New Zealand Herald

India prepares Kashmir hospital: BBC

Pakistan’s go-ahead awaited - India: The News

Sunday, October 23, 2005 [top]

Missing people’s data unavailable: Relief chief says toll tops 53,000: Dawn

The Pakistan Earthquake and Why We Need (a Competent) FEMA International: Democracy Arsenal, US

Pakistan quake aid 'not enough': BBC News, UK

3m earthquake survivors at risk as time ticks by: Scotsman, UK

Kashmiris hail India, Pak. plan for cross-border relief camps: The Hindu, India

Washington not to leave Islamabad alone: Abizaid: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Missing people’s data unavailable: Relief chief says toll tops 53,000: Dawn, Pakistan

India offers relief camps: CNN News

Abizaid visits Pakistan quake zone as aid trickles in: Business Recorder, Pakistan

Death and Distrust in Kashmir: Spiegel, Germany

Time for survivors running out: UN: Many yet to get relief: Dawn, Pakistan

India extends quake relief camps to Pakistanis: Boston Globe, US

Musharraf renews call for sustained financial help: The News International, Pakistan

UN says 800,000 still without shelter, 2 weeks after South Asia quake: CBC World News, Canada

U.S. general pledges more support for Kashmir quake: Reuters, UK

Saturday, October 22, 2005 [top]

Mercy holes in wall of control: The Telegraph, India

KASHMIR QUAKE AID: SBS World News, Australia

Musharraf reiterates unity call: Buenos Aires Herals, Argentina

World Bank to step up quake aid: The Weekend Australian, Australia

Finding Survivors in the Valley of Death: Spiegel, Germany

India and Pakistan propose relief centres along LoC: Deccan Herad, India

India to set up aid camps for Pakistani quake victims: Pravda, Russia

Nato to send relief troops: Airlift proposal rejected, The Dawn, Pakistan

Annan quake plea to world leaders: Scotsman, United Kingdom

NATO to reinforce aid: Daily Times, Pakistan

Two weeks on, some quake survivors still cut off: Guardian, United Kingdom

India to set up relief camps on LoC: Express India

Turkey Pledges $150 Million in Quake Aid: Washington Post, United States

UN says at least 450,000 tents needed immediately: Daily Times, Pakistan

UN calls for a 'Berlin Airlift': The Times of India, India

Pakistan proposes five meeting points to India along LoC: Rediff, India

NATO to Send Engineers, Medics to Pakistan: Guardian, United Kingdom

Alarm grows over scale of disaster: Guardian, United Kingdom

October 21, 2005 [top]

WHO to send 100,000 doses of tetanus drug: Dawn, Pakistan

Rebuilding Works to Begin After Nov. 15: Arab News, Saudi Arabia

New wave of deaths will hit Pakistan, says Annan: Kashar News, Pakistan

Alarm bells ring for quake survivors: Boston Globe

NATO says no to quake airlift, may send troops: Dawn, Pakistan

Cry for quake ‘Berlin Airlift’: The Telegraph, India

Pakistan aid 'totally inadequate' : Musharraf: The News International (Jang), Pakistan

Thousands of survivors still awaiting help after quake: Pravda, Russia

Analysis: Quake largest U.N. relief effort: United Press International

Earthquake Relief Officials Appeal for More Aid for Pakistan: Voice of America

UN calls on Nato for quake assistance: Channel 4 News, UK

Earthquake Relief Officials Appeal for More Aid for Pakistan: Journal of Turkish Weekly

Fears for two million quake survivors: The Sydney Morning Herald

10,000 earthquake children face death: Telegraph, UK

Pakistan quake toll could double: ABC, Australia

Annan appeals for more global aid: Sarid

RESCUING QUAKE VICTIMS IN ASIA: 'The world is not doing enough' : Detroit Free Press

Earthquake worse than tsunami, says UN: Guardian, UK

October 20, 2005 [top]

Pakistan disputes rise in quake death toll: Mail&Guardian, UK

Asian quake death toll to surpass 80,000: Science Daily

Born in death zone, babies delivered during quake: ABC News

Aftershock hits PoK causing landslide: Mid Day Mumbai, India

Fresh aftershocks hamper quake aid efforts: Edinburgh Evening News, UK

Pakistan to plead special exports case after quake: Financial Times, UK

New estimates put quake death toll above 79,000: Star Tribune

Pakistan's death-zone babies fight to survive: Independent Online, South Africa

Pakistan quake: International donors' conference on October 24: Web India

Strong Aftershocks Jolt North Pakistan: Arab News: Saudi Arabia

Scenes from South Asia's quake: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

New jolts slow aid to quake survivors: Kansas City Star

Discovery of new bodies in South Asia quake pushes death toll to 79,000: Khalej Times, United Arab Emirates

UN to host donor meeting on quake-hit Pakistan: Reuters, UK

October 19, 2005 [top]

Road Access to earthquake-stricken areas: UNJLC

Thousands flee remote quake-hit villages: WFP

Shaken Pakistan opens gates to Indian aid: The Age

Strong aftershocks rock quake-shattered Pakistan: Reuters

Quake-hit Kashmir linked by phone: BBC

Pakistan Kashmiri militants back border opening: Reuters AlertNet

Pakistan to allow Kashmiris to cross border: Xinhua

October 18, 2005 [top]

54,000 feared dead in quake: Herald Sun

Quake relief in 'race against time': CNN News

UN agency says a half-million people in earthquake zone received no aid: Canada.com

Earthquake survivors traumatized as aftershocks trigger further landslides in remote, high-altutude areas of northern Pakistan: UN News Centre, NY, United States

Infection is a threat, aid workers in Pakistan say: Winston-Salem Journal

Military Copters Deliver Aid to Kashmir: ABC News

Some 30,000 tents needed for quake victims: Science Daily

October 17, 2005 [top]

Quake aid workers fear more deaths: Chicago Sun Times

Kashmir Earthquake: Road Access: SARID

October 16, 2005 [top]

The challenge of Balakot: Taipei Times

South Asia Earthquake: Fact Sheet #9 (FY 2006): ReliefWeb

Indian troops cross Kashmir border to help Pakistanis: Daily News, Sri Lanka

Developments in Pakistan's recovery efforts: Star Tribune

October 14, 2005 [top]

Pakistanis vow to continue rescue efforts: Herald Tribune

Aftershocks add to misery of homelessness: The Age

October 13, 2005 [top]

UN Relief Coordinator calls for more helicopters: Reuters

Time Is Running Out for Quake Survivors, Relief Official Says: New York Times

Aid flows into quake-hit Pakistan: Mail&Guardian

October 12, 2005 [top]

UN agencies rushing relief to Pakistan: United Nations

Musharraf gives thanks for quake aid: Ireland Online

Disaster Zone Snared in a Web of Disease: Zaman Online

India flies in aid to PoK quake victims: Rediff, India

30 nations rush aid to Pakistan victims: The International Herald Tribune

Hope dims as ruins fall silent: Herald Sun

Relief efforts pick up in Indian-held Kashmir: Ireland Online

Earthquake relief effort ramps up after storms: Special Broadcasting Service

October 11, 2005 [top]

Efforts shift to relief as quake death toll leaps: Reuters

Pakistan earthquake toll: 81,000 -- still counting: The Times of India

Three days after earthquake, health risks grow: Reuters

4 million facing homelessness after quake: The Independent

South Asia quake toll tops 42,000: Science Daily

An Earthquake's Pain Unites Two Rivals, for the Moment: The New York Times

Aid arrives in quake-hit towns: SBS, Australia

UK doubles earthquake relief effort: Guardian Unlimited

Foul weather hampers relief effort: The International Herald Tribune

India's quake toll nears 1,000: Science Daily

German team joins international quake relief: Expatica, Germany

Up To 40,000 May Be Dead In Quake: CBS News

Blocked roads, hail hamper Pakistan relief effort: Reuters

South Asia quake factfile: Financial Times

Storms hit quake relief effort: The Sunday Times

4 million facing homelessness after quake: Independent Online

Pakistan Quake Victims Scuffle for Aid: Guardian Unlimited

October 10, 2005 [top]

United nations emergency team assisting in earthquake relief: SARID

Pakistan to Accept Quake Relief From India: ABC News, USA

Rescuers Struggle to Help Survivors of Deadly Quake: LA Times, USA

MSF: More teams and cargo to Asian earthquake area: MSF International

Rescuers Reach Pakistani City Destroyed by Huge Earthquake: The New York Times, USA

Indian Kashmir Quake Toll Mounts as Rescuers Reach Remote Areas: VOA News, Korea

Aid begins arriving in quake zone: BBC News

Quake may leave 40,000 dead in Pakistan: The Times of India

Rescue work continues as Pakistanis grieve: ABC News Australia

Muzaffarabad a ‘city of death’: Daily Times Pakistan

Pakistan quake in the words of the survivors: New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

A hotbed for earthquakes: The Age, Australia

Britons get fast-track visas: Guardian Unlimited

Hunt for survivors: The Daily Telegraph, Australia

Pakistan Quake Toll Crosses 30,000: Arab News

Srinagar-PoK bus service hit by quake: Rediff India

Japan sends quake emergency relief: Science Daily

Terrain major barrier in quake aid: CNN News

Scots rally to help quake victims: Scotsman

Aid agencies struggle to reach quake survivors: Financial Times

Looting Breaks Out in Wake of Deadly Quake: ABC News

October 9, 2005 [top]

Rescuers Struggle to Reach Remote Areas Ravaged by Quake: New York Times

Death toll soars after quake flattens towns: Herald Sun

Frantic search for survivors: News 24

Foreign aid effort gets under way: BBC News

Over 1,600 dead in NWFP: Dawn

Pakistan's president appeals for international aid: Ireland Online

EU cash for quake victims: Ireland Online

Quake destroys villages, triggers mudslides, kills at least 18,000 in Pakistan,

India and Afghanistan: Detroit Free Press

Earthquake Death Toll Rises in Indian Kashmir: Voice of America

Desperate dig for survivors: Sydney Morning Herald

Britons tell of quake terror: Telegraph, UK

Indian Kashmir quake toll doubles: BBC News

Death Toll Now 30,000 in South Asia Quake: Associated Press

Pakistan Fears 18,000 Died in Quake: Los Angeles Times

World leaders act to aid Asian quake nations: Reuters

In Minnesota, a search for more news and a leap into action: Star Tribune

Teams retrieve hundreds of bodies, dig for survivors: Houston Chronicle

U.S. offers aid to Pakistan, India: CNN News

RPT-Pakistani Kashmir's Muzaffarabad is "city of death": Reuters

More than 19,000 die in South Asia quake: The Age, Australia

Quake biggest disaster in Pakistan's history: army spokesman: Xinhua, Hong Kong

UN team to arrive in quake zone: Scotsman

Int'l community offers help for earthquake-hit Pakistan: Xinhua, Hong Kong

Pakistani villages were 'wiped off the map': Independent Online

Pakistan, India Search for Survivors After 7.6 Quake: Bloomberg

18,000 died in Asian quake, says Pakistan: The Independent

18,000 reported dead in Asia quake: The Seattle Times

Quake kills at least 258 in Indian Kashmir town: Reuters

CHRONOLOGY-Major earthquakes worldwide in recent years: Reuters

Sarid Resources: South Asian Newspapers

October 8, 2005 [top]

Quake razes villages, causes landslides, kills thousands across South Asia: CBS News

Quake kills '400' schoolchildren: BBC News

Thousands feared dead after major quake jolts south Asia: Xinhuanet, Hong Kong

Grief lines the roads through quake-hit Kashmir: Reuters

Airlift poised to aid quake victims: Scotsman.com

PoK worst hit by quake: Oxfam: Express India

Strongest earthquake in area during last 100 years: PakTribune.com

Quake rocks subcontinent: The Tribune, India

'I thought it was doomsday' Rediff (India)

Hundreds of schoolchildren killed by quake: Telegraph, UK

Earthquake death toll rises to 3,000: Ireland Online

Expats Express Shock, Horror Over Earthquake: Arab News

Pakistan Quake in Remote Area Kills Over 1,600: New York Times

Thousands Feared Killed in Powerful South Asia Earthquake: VOA News

Eight aftershocks! The Times of India

Screams follow quake as Kashmir counts scores of dead: The Star, Malaysia

Earthquake creates 100km wasteland: Scotland on Sunday

The dead remain uncounted in quake that struck four countries: The Independent

Pakistan’s day of devastation: The Sunday Time

Severest earthquake in 120 years: official: Rediff (India)

7.6 Earthquake Hits South Asia: Los Angeles Times

Why animals are quick on the quake: The Times of India

CNN Latest Reports: CNN News

BBC Latest Reports: BBC News

Rescuers in scramble to save quake survivors: Observer, Guardian

Sarid Resources: South Asian Newspapers


CNN's Satinder Bindra reports from a destroyed apartment complex in Pakistan. (October 8): CNN News

An earthquake shakes Islamabad, Pakistan Saturday causing major damage and deaths (October 8). CNN News

A witness in Pakistan gives account of the earthquake as it happened (October 8). CNN News

Powerful Quake Kills Hundreds in South Asia: AP News

Thousands are feared dead across the Himalayan region straddling Pakistan and India after a major earthquake: Reuters


Rescue Workers Stream to South Asia Quake Sites: National Public Radio, NPR

High Toll Feared as Quake Strikes South Asia: National Public Radio, NPR

Deadly Earthquake Strikes South Asia: National Public Radio, NPR

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Kashmir: National Public Radio, NPR

Earthquake Death Toll Rises in Indian Kashmir: Voice of America

Asian Quake is Most Powerful in 40 Years: National Public Radio, NPR


Earthquake devastates Pakistan: ABC News Australia

In pictures: South Asia earthquake: BBC News

Earthquake Hits Pakistan-India Border: Yahoo News



A volunteer carries a child injured by the earthquake at a local hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, Saturday. (AP/Anjum Naveed)

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