SARID has arranged with an Indian benefactor for the supply of 20,000 doses of critically needed anti-tetanus serum/globulin free of charge, to be delivered to the Government of Pakistan at Islamabad. We have also arranged supplies of portable X-ray machines, wheelchairs, crutches, and prosthetic limbs to the affected areas.

SARID has set up MeraEmdad, an interactive message board where people can post help offers as well as share their experiences on the relief effort.

We have coordinated a fundraising effort and sent money to several governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the impacted areas in Pakistan.

Our representatives in Pakistan are studying solutions for the employment of migrant women, women heads of households and people with disabilities in the affected areas after the earthquake dust settles down.

On our website we have continuously provided our visitors with news updates from around the world as well as with constructive editorials on critical issues.

We are sharing our experiences in sustainable energy to design appropriate programs for short- and long-term energy solutions for the affected areas.

SARID's associate experts are exploring innovative design and engineering solutions for the impacted regions.

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October 10, 2005


October 22, 2005


October 24, 2005

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Sarid Starts Sending Wheelchairs and Crutches to Earthquake Victims: Recently, we have commissioned a factory in Pakistan to build all the wheelchairs for the earthquake relief effort. In order to build them to SARID’s specification, the factory has installed new machinery and equipment.

A Journey Through The Earthquake Zone, BY SHOIB AHMED, SARID DIRECTOR PAKISTAN: The streets were littered with masonry and concrete and houses were in a crumpled state. I say crumpled because that is what it looked like; the roofs of the houses were lying alongside the walls concrete.

A Small, But Effective Relief Effort, BY SALMA SHAKIR, SARID Director: Most of the 100 or so Pakistani families living in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia's Saudi Aramco Community did not find until later in the evening on Saturday, when they got back from work.

Technological Challenges To Implementing an Affordable Housing Policy, BY JAVED SULTAN: More than three quarters of the world's population lives in slums without adequate shelter and proper sanitation. South Asia is home to almost one third of the world's inhabitants.

Housing Design For Hot, Arid Regions, BY JAVED SULTAN & ILYAS BHATTI : A strategically placed courtyard allows cross ventilation in an otherwise harsh and dry climate. If it is a well defined, well planted, contiguous to other rooms, etc., it will provide for natural cooling.




Areej Khan helps along with a number of men, women and children worked late into the night packing goods.

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