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ProBono design by EcoHabitat nd Kinoo Engineers - in Support of SARID Projects


PROJECT NAME: Help given by EcoHabitat Inc. and Kinoo Inc. Architects and Engineers
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Design of Affordable Sustainable Shelters for Poorer Communities   

Projects: Over the years Kinoo and EcoHabitat (ECO) Engineers have worked on a pro-bono basis to design sustainable and "Green" structures for poorer communities. 

PROJECT SUMMARY: 1. Flood Resistant Home in New Orleans (NO), USA ECO architects and engineers designed this flood resistant structure for NO. It is naturally cool even during very hot days. Also it is flood resistant to upto 10 feet high flooding. It is ideal for flood zones. See image on right. In 2016 the building won the deisgn merit award for small structures from Louisiana Board of Engineers. Read more at project specific write-up on our website.

2. Tsunami Shelter - Bangladesh. ECO architects and engineers designed these Tsunami (Storm) shelters along the Bay of Bengal where Tsunami waves can arrive at shores at a height of twenty five (25) feet to thirty feet (30). Read more at project specific write-up.

3. Lesotho: ECO and Kinoo engineers, along with SARID engineers designed on a pro bono basis, a demonstration home for the elderly poor in Lesotho. It is a building that uses almost no fossil fuel for heating during sub-zero temperatures in winter. In 2018 the building won the global award from MIT Climate Colab for both "Buildings" and "Adaptation". See image on right.Read more at project specifc write-up. 

 4. Kashmir, AJK: Kinoo engineers, along with SARID engineers designed on a pro bono basis and later built, several homes in Kashmir in 2006 and 2007 after a devatating earthquake in 2005 that killed closed to 400,000 people. These homes are highly energy efficient, are earthquake resistant, and much more affrodable than steel frame, wood frame or masonry construction. See image on right.

Read more at project specifc write-up. Many other projects have been done over the last two decades or so of our non-profit existence. Read more at our website.

Contact persons:
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New Orleans, USA Flood Resistant Home. For Katrina Victims (Built 2015)

Bangladesh Tsunami Shelter (2010 -2012)

Lesotho Zero-Energy affordable Home for the Elderly (Built 2015)

Haiti (earthquake resistant - Affordable)

Earthquake Resistant - Kashmir (Built 2006-2007)

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