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Water and Waste

Information on water and waste matters: Comprises links to research, literature, techniques, and a directory of agencies and products/producers.

Information or articles on specific regional projects may be viewed under Countrywise.


SARID's Reviews

Rainwater Harvesting Technologies in Sri Lanka
By Vinod Moonesinghe, Environment Foundation Ltd., Sri Lanka, January 2004
The uninterrupted supply of water for domestic purposes in Sri Lanka has long been taken for granted. The water-supply infrastructure has not kept pace with needs and rainwater harvesting has not been promoted as in India, where urban authorities have amended their by-laws to facilitate it.


Collated Articles and Reports

Sourcebook of Alternative Technologies for freshwater Augmentation in South Asia
Survey of water resource management, UNEP/Danish hydraulic Institute

Rainwater Harvesting
Technical brief, ITDG, UK

Solar Distillation
Technical brief, ITDG, UK

Solar Water Desalination
Flat collector type installation in the Canary Islands

Discussion on Desalination & Sustainable Development, Cyprus, 1999
Summary of a discussion demonstrating that desalination is now a major requirement in some locations (islands, coastal areas and arid regions etc.).

Solar Seawater Desalination - Desalination & Sustainable Development
Answer to the Summary of the Discussion on Desalination, Cyprus 1999



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