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Indian Oil Reserves are limited, New Kerala, December 2, 2004
At the current rate of production, India's discovered oil reserves are expected to last only till 2016.

Financing Renewable Energy Technologies: A Guidebook for Micro finance Institutions in Nepal
Manual (Winrock International, sponsored by USAID, July 2004) provides both technical and financial information about Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) with the aim of encouraging micro finance institutions (MFIs) to view RETs as bankable investment opportunities. It provides guidance to help MFIs evaluate and manage risks associated with lending for RETs, and identifies and seeks to bolster institutional capacity as well as remedy inadequate/lack of access to finance and poor rural socio-economic situations which have been identified as the bottlenecks and barriers to strengthening the sector.

Acting locally, a rural community goes for green power
Lessons from a German town, Renewable Energy World, UK, March-April 2003

The Challenge of Rural Energy Poverty in Developing Countries
Review and strategy, World Energy Council (WEC), UK

Map of the Energy Poor (Electricity Access)- PDF
World Bank

South Asia Regional Overview of Energy
EIA Country Analysis Brief, US Department of Energy, 2002

Energy Info Centre-South Asia
Data on energy reserves & production with links, World Energy Council, 2001

Energy Scenario in South Asia, 2000
TATA Energy Research Institute (TERI), India

Renewable Energy in South Asia
Report on the Regional Meeting on Renewable Energy, WEC/SAARC, Sri Lanka, 2000

Renewable Energy for Microenterprise, USA (PDF)
A handbook published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado, USA

Renewable Energy in South Asia: An overview
Brief outline & Poerpoint presentation, Mid-Sweden university

Energy Storage
Article on electricity generation from renewables

Global Village Energy Partnerships Toolkits
Designed to use as step by step guides for clean energy projects, separated into those aimed at entrepreneurs and firms, and those aimed at the finance community.



Chicken into oil, Alternet, USA, June 08, 2004
In the quest for renewable energy sources, anything is fair game -- even fowl. Are chickens the fuel of the future?

Biomass Energy In Asia: Abstracts from study on technologies & policies
Asian Regional Research Program in Energy, Environment & Climate (ARRPEEC)

A study of Biomass as Energy Source- PDF
Presentation on biomass energy to reduce greenhouse effect, ARRPEEC

It's a Pat technology
Explanation of Biogas technology - Nepal, Television trust for the Environment/ITDG

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Definition of Small Hydro Power (SHP)
International Association for Small Hydro (IASH), India

International Small Hydro Atlas: Asia
Small Hydro International, IEA

Planning small hydro
Outline & resources for implementing projects, Small Hydro International

Micro Hydro Power- PDF
Technical Brief from ITDG

Small Hydro on a Large Scale
Lessons from China's experience


Solar Cell Doubles as Battery, Technology Review, USA, November 29, 2004
Scientists in Japan have developed a solar powered device which can store energy for later use.

Mismatch boosts solar efficiency, Technology Review, USA, April 27, 2004
One way to make solar cells more efficient is to find a material that will capture energy from a large portion of the spectrum of sunlight—from infrared to visible light to ultraviolet.

Solar Cooking Archive
Plans and links to resources on solar cooking, refrigeration etc. Solar Cookers International, USA

Global Sun Oven
Solar cooking appliance, Pakistan

Solar Drying Basics
Wood Industry Factsheet, West Virginia University, USA

Modeling of Solar Kilns for Lumber Drying
PhD Thesis, University of Sydney, Australia

Solar Kiln for Lumber Drying
Construction & use of solar kilns for small wood industry, Virginia Tech, USA

Kiln Construction
Details of lumber seasoning solar kilns, Woodweb, USA

Solar Kiln for Ceramics
Discussion on constructing a solar kiln for firing ceramics

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy- PDF
Technical Brief, ITDG, UK

Catching the Sun
Solar water heating systems for hotels, Renewable Energy World, UK

Solar Distillation
Technical brief, ITDG, UK

Solar Water Desalination
Flat collector type installation in the Canary Islands

Solar Seawater Desalination - Desalination & Sustainable Development
Answer to the Summary of the Discussion on Desalination, Cyprus 1999

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Use of renewable energy: challenges and chances, Daily Mirror, Colombo, January 06, 2004
When considering global peace and posterity and the contribution renewable energy can make, the question that we are posed with is whether it is possible for renewable energy to meet all our energy demands globally?

Soaring to New Heights, The World Wind Energy Market
Renewable Energy World, UK, July-August, 2002

Energy from the Wind- PDF
Technical brief, ITDG, UK

Micro wind turbines planned for power, water purification
Civil & Environmental Engineering at MIT, USA, December 2002

Small Wind Turbines
Short Guide, Murdoch University, Australia

U.S. Wind Farm Developers Hang Their Hopes on Tax Credit
Environment News Service, USA

Wind Power Picks Up
Technology Review, USA

Wind Power for Pennies
Technology Review, USA

Turnaround for Wind Power
The Economist, UK

Wind Power, ITDG, UK:
The documents below provide a comprehensice picture to organisations, small entrepreneurs, remote communities and households wishing to maximise the utilisation of local & renewable resources to meet basic energy services.

Energy from the Wind - PDF
Technical brief

Wind Electricity Generation - PDF, 164K
Technical brief

Small Wind Energy Systems for Battery Charging
In depth paper on pilot small wind power projects in Sri Lanka & Peru

Small Wind Energy Systems for Battery Charging (PMG Manual) - PDF, 930K
How to Build a permanent magnet generator

Wind Rotor Balade Construction Manual - PDF, 332K
Building small wind systems for battery charging

Local Manufacture of Wind Turbines for Battery Charging - PDF, 98K
Short guide by Hugh Piggott, Scoraig Wind Electric

Windpumping - PDF
Using wind power for pumping water

Inside Wind Turbines
Brief explanation of principles, Renewable Energy World, UK

Winds of Change
Brief explanation of wind energy with section on regional manufacture, TVE/ITDG, UK

Windmill for pumping water
Windpump for areas without backup systems, South India

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Wave Energy
Information, European Commission ATLAS project

Wave Energy 2
Survey of world wave energy resources & technologies, WEC, UK

Indian Wave Energy
Principles & implementation of renewable energy to generate electricity, India

Ocean Wave Energy technical FAQ
Information, Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems Inc. (POEMS), USA

New Wave Energy Turbine
Patent-free design, Dan Lindgren, Sweden

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