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Information on appropriate building: Comprises links to research, literature, techniques, and a directory of agencies and products/producers.

Information or articles on specific regional projects may be viewed under Countrywise.

SARID's Reviews

Collated articles and reports: Building

Directory: Building


SARID's Reviews

Housing Design for Hot Arid Regions
By Javed Sultan, AIA, SARID Executive Director, May 2003
Guidelines for the cost effective physical design of housing in hot, arid regions, based on the review of submitted housing plans from Mali.

Collated articles and reports: Building

New look for Indian city, The Journal, UK, December 1, 2004
A sustainable scheme for Bangalore.

BioHaus uses integrated solar panels, EV World, USA, December 1, 2004
First building to use new A-300 BIPV system generating 1.8kW of electric power.

Appropriate Architecture, Auroville
Guidelines for appropriate building, experimental town in South India

Construction & Environment- PDF
Document on appropriate building, Lund University, Sweden

Building nature-friendly housing for the rural poor
Improved building technology, Janvikas, india

Building livable spaces for people
Centre for Appropriate Rural technologies, India

Multistory Detached Houses for Hot Humid Climates- PDF
Case study for passive homes, Lund University, Sweden



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