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PETARIAN FOUNDATION - Relief / Transit Capt at Jhimpir


Petarian-Abdalian Relief Camp at Jhimpir, Sindh:

During the past week, our teams led by Mahmood Baweja, Aamir Rehman Syed and Ch. Moeed Langah have done a wonderful job in getting the camp set up, registering the IDPs and getting the camp operational. There is still a lot of work to be done. Let me summarize what has been done:

  • To date, 173 tents have been set up, and nearly 2,000 residents are occupying the tents.
  • Tents are installed in rows for easy access and management.
  • We have been setting up each new tent after a genuine family arrives at the camp to avoid squatters.
  • We have additional tents to accommodate nearly another 1,000 residents. We expect that these will be occupied over the next 4-5 days.
  • We have already constructed 12 toilets for the residents, and more are being constructed. The toilet rooms are made of cement blocks with proper desi style WCs, and a septic tank behind each block to drain out the sewage.
  • We have set up 4 water tanks of 400 gallons. Water is pumped into these tanks from Kalri Lake using pumps. Kalri Lake is a fresh water lake (technically potable water having less than 400 TDS) which supplies water to Karachi city. We shall be arranging for additional water tanks in the coming week insha Allah.
  • We have ordered one water filtration plant which is expected to be installed tomorrow. This will ensure that all viruses and bacteria in the water are filtered out and remove water borned diseases.
  • All residents are registered with our staff.
  • We have set up a few flood lights to provide general lighting of the area at night. More lights will be installed soon.
  • We obtained a proper HESCO/WAPDA electricity connection for the camp. At the moment they provided a small transformer, but have agreed to upgrade it to a larger one since the current one does not cater to the required load. We have loads of water pumps and lights primarily. We hope to get the new transformer in place by tomorrow insha Allah.
  • Dr. Agha Taj and his team are in the process of setting up the medical facility.
  • Sigma Motors will be sending the ambulance tomorrow.
  • By the way, for your information, the first baby was born at our camp. It created quite a stir and all our staff tried to become the midwives.
  • Last Sunday, a team of Petarian Association led by Brig Mukhtar and Perways Inam visited the camp and surveyed the facilities. It was a great moment of cooperation, and TPA offered to send mats (chata'is) for each tent.
  • We have been providing food rations to each family at the camp. We provide them rations for one week at a time. They cook their own food. We provide them with coal and they also use dry wood from the vicinity. Typically, the cost of food is around Rs. 400-500 per person per week.
  • We currently have 3 trucks and one Landrover Defender at our disposal for getting all the supplies and moving our teams.
  • Two of our young Petarians who just passed out from Petaro also spent a few days at the camp as volunteers.
  • Currently we have a staff/volunteers of around 22 people at the camp to manage and operate the camp.


Tents being installed by our workers

Water bowser sprinkling water to settle the dust

Registering an IDP family

Petarian Association team visit - examining stores of tents at management camp located in the High School building

View of a section of the tent camp

TPA team at the camp site

Toilets under construction - so far 12 are already built

Water tank being filled with water pumped from the lake

Another view of the camp with Kalri Lake in background

Reconstruction of homes at KP (near Peshawar and Charsadda):

* Our Abdalian teams have been busy in surveying the Garhi Momin village site to start work on constructing homes.
* They have also done an initial engineering design of the type of home that will be constructed for the poorest of the poor. More designs are being prepared before a final decision is taken.
* The designs are taking local requirements into consideration. It is proposed that each home will comprise of 2 rooms, a verandah, a kitchen and a toilet. The kitchen and toilet will be a separate unit behind the rooms in line with local traditions.
* They will be using prefab slab for the roof, and bricks for the walls.
* The size of one home will be a bit over 600sqft.
* The estimated cost of construction will insha Allah be less than Rs. 200 per sq.ft. Thus one home is estimated to cost between Rs. 110,000 to 125,000.
* Right after Eid, construction will begin on the first lot of 50 homes at Garhi Momin and Camp Karoona which are located 14km short of Peshawar on the Motorway.
* We are also planning on doing similar homes at Utmanzai near Charsadda.
* Depending on the total funds that we will have at our disposal, we will build that many homes insha Allah.

Following is a 3-D view of what a home might look like as per the first design done by the Abdalians. The unit at the back is the kitchen / toilet.

Reconstruction in Sindh:
We hope to do reconstruction work in Sindh as well. However this process may not start until at least 4-6 weeks from now depending on how fast the waters will recede. At the moment, most areas are still inundated with floods.

Support from our friends:
We have received support in cash and kind from 15 countries around the world. Petarians and non-Petarians have come forth with full vigor to support this activity.

For example, this week some friends from NY/NJ loaded one 40 ft container of mostly food items that are being shipped to us. We hope to get receive this over the next 4 weeks and these will be distributed to the camp residents and IDPs for their consumption.

Following are couple of photographs of the container being loaded at NY by volunteers. More pictures will be on the website

Medical Relief Camps at Sindh:
Dr. Agha Taj and his team of doctors and paramedical staff have been continuing to provide medical camps at different locations in Hyderabad / Jamshoro districts, Dadu district and Moro-Nausheroferoz. I shall post details of these medical camps in a separate email insha Allah.

Camps set up by CHAEF:
Naeemul Hassan, N-51 has been posting the reports on the camps, food distribution, medical camps, etc organized by our partner organization CHAEF. They have been doing work in Sindh, Punjab and KP. Mashallah they have been able to provide relief to thousands of affected people. Please read the reports of Naeem that have been circulated by him.

Camps set up by Kawish Welfare Trust:
KWT has been doing wonderful work in Kot Addu and Charsadda areas. In cooperation with us, we sent 200 tents to DI Khan and also sent 48 cartons of food items to Charsadda.

KWT has been providing relief work at their camps at both of these cities.They are also gearing up to do construction of homes as a part of the rehabilitation program. More on this later.

Funds position:
So far we have received commitments / receipts of funds of around Rs. 15.5 million (1.55 crores) in addition to donations in kind of around 70 lacs. We do hope to exceed our target of 5 crores in cash over the coming days to be able to build a number of homes for the poor people.

I want to thank all the donors profusely for being open-hearted in donating so much from your hard earned money for the sake of Allah and His Creation.

Just as a reminder, you can send in funds through one of the following methods:

1. Through Western Union, we receive the funds the same day and there are no transfer charges. This is the preferred method. If you wish to send through this, please send me an email and I will provide you details of the recipient, etc.

2. However, if you prefer to send through bank transfer, then kindly send to our bank account as given below:

Beneficiary: The Petarian Foundation, 12A, Street 29, F-7/1, Islamabad, PAKISTAN

Account no.: 452-4734549001

Bank/Branch: The Royal Bank of Scotland Limited, 78-W Roshan Centre, Blue Area Branch, Islamabad


Please do visit our website for updates on the work being done and also visit the photo gallery there to see the pictures.

With Best Regards,

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif
Petarian Foundation
12A, Street 29, F-7/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: +92-51 265-2511
Mobile/Cell: +92-332-671-6710 or +92-345 671-6710





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