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Country Education Profiles

Afghanistan I Bangladesh I Bhutan I India I Maldives I Nepal I Pakistan I Sri Lanka


Afghanistan: Emergency Education Rehabilitation and Development Project

Girl's Education in Afghanistan, UNESCO

The state of Education in Afghanistan

A Battle for Education in Afghanistan, The Cincinnati Enquirer

Education in Afghanistan, Encyclopedia Iranica

Education in Afghanistan: Some Proposals by M.Mobin Shorish (1978)

Attacks on Schools for girls hint at a lingering split in Afghanistan by David Rhode, The New York Times, October 31, 2002 (courtesy California State University)



Education Statistics, Bangladesh Development Gateway

The Bangladesh Female Secondary School Assistance Project

Asian University for Women: A brief description (Proposal for setting up a women University in Bangladesh in 2005)

Education in Bangladesh

Girls Education in Bangladesh, UNICEF

ADB helps reform education sector in Bangladesh, ADB

Strategic Design for Education in Bangladesh, Center for comparative and Global studies in Education

Cost-Benefit analysis of Food for Education in Bangladesh, by Quentin T. Wodon, 1998, World Bank


Bhutan Education Development Program

Bhutan: A country in Change

Non-Formal Education in Bhutan, Ministry of Health and Education, Bhutan

Bhutan: Curriculum Development for Primary and Secondary Education, UNESCO

Ensuring Social Sustainability: Can Bhutan's Educational System ensure intergenerational transmission of values by Tashi Wangyal

Bhutan's Dilemma, theStar online


World Bank Support for Education in India

Department of Education, Government of India

Educational Statistics

Comprehensive list of Organizations working in the field in India

Education in India: Institutions, statistics and related information

India Votes on Right to Education, BBC


To BA or not to BA? Evening Weekly, Male, September 28, 2003
The changing social structure and the introduction of various commercial ventures have made the Arts degree a profitable investment, both to the individual as well as the society.

Ministry of Education, Maldives

ADB to help develop post-Secondary Education in Maldives

Education in Maldives

Maldives: Education Policies, Curriculum Design and implementation at the level of  upper primary and general secondary education, UNESCO

Maldives Innovative teacher-Training, UNESCO



Pakistan - Teachers' Complaints, Dawn, Karachi, April 03, 2004
The demonstration and sit-in held by teachers in Karachi earlier this week brings to light the problems being faced by members of this community. The reaction of the chief minister, who termed the teachers' protest "childish" is unfair and does not address the issues involved.

The Northern Areas Community Schools Program in Pakistan

The Scenario: Education in Pakistan, Rural Education and Development foundation

State of Education in Pakistan

Education in Pakistan: Home-truths after half a century, speech by Thomas W. Simmons, former US Ambassador to Pakistan

What are they teaching in the Pakistani Schools today, by Pervez Hoodbhoy

Regulating Education Apartheid in Pakistan, by Prof. Adil Najam

Pakistan Education Fund: Shaping the Future


Special Focus: Education reform in Pakistan:

A U.S. Strategy for Achieving Stability in Pakistan: Expanding Educational Opportunities, by Robert Looney; Center for Contemporary Conflict

Basic Education in Pakistan and Afghanistan: The Current Crisis and Beyond Monday, December 17, 2001;  A Brookings Forum on Universal Education

Education for life - first priority, Pakistan Reform Party

Pakistan's Madrassahs: Ensuring a System of Education not Jihad
Analysis Paper #14, November 2001 by P.W. Singer, John M. Olin Post-doctoral Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies at Brookings.

Pakistanis in US urge education reform back home, by Sara Steindorf, Chris, April 16, 2002, The Christian Science Monitor

Task Force on Improvement of Higher Education in Pakistan, March 2002, Higher Education in Developing countries, Perils and Promise

Higher Education in Pakistan: Towards a Reform Agenda, Boston Group and Pak-Millennium conference Report

Education (NGOs; grassroots scenario, statistics)

Ministry of Education, Pakistan

Higher Education Reform, By Salman Akram Raja, the News, September 23, 2002

Primary Education and Literacy, USAID,

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Development of Undergraduate Education

The Education system of Sri Lanka

Education in Sri Lanka (links to Universities and School websites)

Directory of Research Centers in Sri Lanka

A solemn rite of learning in Sri Lank, by Guy Scandlen and Juliet Bourne, UNICEF

Education reforms in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Curriculum design and Implementation for upper Primary and General Secondary Education, by A Karunasinghe and K.W. Ganasundara, UNESCO


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