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Sarid Staff, November 3, 2006

Harvard Business Review, the world’s most influential business management magazine is now available throughout South Asia, thanks to the collaboration between Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation and the India Today Group. Last month, they announced a partnership to publish Harvard Business Review South Asia, an English-language edition of the Harvard Business School's outstanding publication, which will be distributed through the region.

“India is the world’s second fastest growing economy and boasts one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative business communities,” said Thomas A. Stewart, editor and managing director of Harvard Business Review.  "We’re delighted by this partnership and the chance to bring HBR’s blend of practical wisdom and scholarly acumen to a growing and increasingly influential South Asian audience.”

For more than 80 years, Harvard Business Review provides its readership with brilliant articles on a wide range of strategic management subjects of interest to managers and researchers, including business ethics, industry analysis and strategic planning. Harvard Business Review's South Asia, which represents the 12th edition of the magazine and which will run the same editorial content as the U.S. edition, will be sold and distributed across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan.

The launch of the inaugural issue of Harvard Business Review South Asia was held in New Delhi on October 17, 2006. The event, followed by a panel discussion, was attended by Harvard faculty, regional business leaders, as well as prominent government officials, including Indian Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram.

Raymond Carvey, executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer of Harvard Business School Publishing, noted that “reaching the business leaders of India and greater South Asia is an important objective for Harvard Business School Publishing as we strive to bring our content to new markets and audiences around the world.

Discussing the potentials of the new publication, Pavan Varshnei, Publishing Director of Harvard Business Review South Asia, pointed out that “Harvard Business Review holds sway over a global audience of leaders across business, industry and academia," and that Harvard Business Review South Asia provides advertisers a unique opportunity to reach the new and existing customers.

The first issue of Harvard Business Review South Asia will feature articles by acclaimed scholars and business experts, including Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Michael Useem, and Andrew MacAfee.

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