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South Asia Tension

The dreadful dead of terror, Asia Times, Hong Kong, July 7, 2004
The "war on terrorism" is crossing new frontiers. With the corpses of militants being viewed by counter-terrorism strategists as efficient recruiters of fighters, some governments are extending their terror offensive into the after-life.

Disarmamant only measure against proliferation, Daily Times, Lahore, February 14, 2004
Nuclear proliferation cannot be checked effectively until the norm against it is applied globally and then wedded to legal and coercive measures.

A Battleground Between Muslims and Hindus?, The Globalist, USA, February 12, 2004
Ever since their creation in 1947, Pakistan and India have been at odds. The conflict between Muslims and Hindus has been stereotyped as historic and insurmountable. Akbar Ahmed argues that South Asians may find hope for reconciliation and friendship by looking to their shared histories

An alliance of insecurity, Alternet, USA, February 12, 2004
With the blessings of neo conservatives in Washington, India and Israel are forging an ever-strengthening bond that may wreak havoc in South Asia.

Soldiers concerned about nuclear war, Asia Inside, Lahore, February 09, 2004
Summary of India's first-ever survey on the attitudes of army personnel.

Opportunity in South Asia, Kashmir Times, February 06, 2004
Richard Lugar on US preoccupations in South Asia

Pakistan nukes, Asia Times, Hong Kong, February 05, 2004
From the beginning, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has been involved in every stage of the building of Pakistan's nuclear bomb.

After a half-century, a moment of optimism, Guardian, UK, February 09, 2004
Is it to be IT for information technology or IT for international terrorism.

Defence & the Kuwaiti Army, Daily Star, Dhaka, February 01, 2004
The cabinet has approved the Bangladesh-Kuwait Defence Agreement under which the armed forces will provide technical and vocational training to the Kuwait Army for six years.

India, Pakistan set talks date, BBC, January 27, 2004
India and Pakistan will hold three days of talks in Islamabad starting on 16 February, with the disputed region of Kashmir top of the agenda.

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