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Religious Extremism in Pakistan

Understanding the roots

Present Scenario

What is to be done?

Understanding the Roots

Mass psychology of religious extremism by Haider Ali Agha, Pravada

Pakistan's "Rent-a-son" agencies, by Hassan Abbas, Tufts Journal

Fear of religious extremism, story of Pakistan website

Pakistan: Madrassa, Extremism and the Military, ICG

Can Musharraf force change, Institute of Global Management

Pakistan's balance sheet, Al-Ahram

Extremism on the rise again, by Dr. Riffat Hassan, INRFVVP

Present Scenario

Pakistan nukes, Asia Times, Hong Kong, February 05, 2004
From the beginning, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has been involved in every stage of the building of Pakistan's nuclear bomb.

In one Pakistan province, reality tempers ideology, NYT, USA, January 18, 2004
Just before the new year in Peshawar, storekeepers were putting away large advertising posters displaying women's faces, complying with the latest initiative of the provincial government, controlled by a hard-line Islamist coalitionl. While it might suggest that the Talibanization of Pakistan is under way, many here say it really amounts to window-dressing.

Pakistan the odd one out, Asia Times, September 16, 2003
With Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Indian counterpart Atal Bihari Vajpayee agreeing in their condemnation of terrorism, elements within the Pakistani intelligence and security apparatus see the two as part of an unholy alliance, and a threat to Pakistani interests, especially in Indian-held Kashmir.

Religious extremism in Pakistan "growing", BBC

Extremism in the Pakistan society, Irshad Ahmed Haqqani

Pakistan's religious schools under fire, CNN

Defeating Terrorism: strategic analysis,

Musharraf: Can this man change Pakistan?, Uwe Parpart, Asia Times

Caught in the middle, Time, Photo essay

Pakistan's return to US graces, Christian Science Monitor

Back to the future,

Domestic agenda dooms Musharraf's terror fight, Hussain Haqqani, Carnegie Endowment for International peace


What is to be done?

Better education key to fighting extremism, by Nadeem Yaqub

With friends like these: Getting it wrong in Pakistan, by John Norris, Johns Hopkins Journal of American Politics

USAID's role in the war on terror, USAID

Pakistan's loyalty may rest on its economy, by James Cox, USA Today

Pakistan: A vision for the future, Carnegie Endowment for International peace

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