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1. History of the conflict:

[a] CNN In depth special: Nepal’s Maoist rebellion:

[b] Amnesty International Reports on human rights situation in Nepal

[c] Maoist insurgency – detailed reports by Nepal Research

[d] Political background of the Maoist insurgency, Strategic Affairs

[e] US State Department Report on human rights practices in Nepal, 1999

[f] Nepal likely to be a Maoist report, Stratfor Report

[g] Maoist of Nepal by Anju susan Alex, JNU

[h] Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Internal Dimensions by Dr. Chitra K. Tiwar

2. Dynamics of the conflict:

[a] The Maoist Problem: NSP, Ontario, Canada

[b] The people’s war in Nepal: some disturbing trends by Dr. S Chandrasekharan

[c] National Security by Keshab Poudel, Spotlight

[d] People’s war in Nepal

[e] Maoist civil war in Nepal

[f] Nepalese government official stance on insurgency related issues

3. Research Reports on the conflict:

[a] The Maoist people war and human rights in Nepal by Shom Prasad Luitel

[b] The Maoists of Nepal: Three Perspectives by B. Raman

[c] Erosion of the Nepali world by Deepak Thapa, HIMAL

[d] Nepal’s Maobadi by C.K. Lal