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Nepal: Insurgency

Current Scenario
Peace Strategies

Reports & Research Papers




Current Scenario

Into thin air, Foreign Policy in Focus, USA, February 03, 2004
More than 8,000 Nepalese have died since a civil war broke out in 1996, and the death rate has sharply increased with the arrival of new foreign weapons & advisors.

Into the eighth year, Nepali Times, January 30-Feb 5, 2004
How could things have become so bad so fast? It will be eight years next week that the country began its descent into hell.



CNN In depth special: Nepal's Maoist rebellion:

Amnesty International Reports on human rights situation in Nepal

Maoist insurgency - detailed reports by Nepal Research

Political background of the Maoist insurgency, Strategic Affairs

US State Department Report on human rights practices in Nepal, 1999

Nepal likely to be a Maoist report, Stratfor Report

Maoist of Nepal by Anju susan Alex, JNU

Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Internal Dimensions by Dr. Chitra K. Tiwar



Nepal needs reform, not more guns, The Guardian, May 10, 2002
The Maoist rebellion is a product of gross inequality and misrule.

The Maoist Problem: NSP, Ontario, Canada

The people's war in Nepal: some disturbing trends by Dr. S Chandrasekharan

National Security by Keshab Poudel, Spotlight

People's war in Nepal

Maoist civil war in Nepal

Nepalese government official stance on insurgency related issues


Peace Strategies



Reports and Research Papers

The Maoist people war and human rights in Nepal by Shom Prasad Luitel

The Maoists of Nepal: Three Perspectives by B. Raman

Erosion of the Nepali world by Deepak Thapa, HIMAL

Nepal's Maobadi, Himal South Asia, November 2001by C.K. Lal


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